I am Alive but not Active….

Its been a long time since I wrote my last post,to be precise 16-17 days has passed,this is the first time I am away from my blog for this long and things are still not settled on my end and I need some more time but this post is just a reminder to all my … Continue reading

Adieu Bangalore..

As I write this Post my Heart is filled with mixed emotions,I don’t know whether to be Happy as after 6 Years long Years finally I am heading to my Home State–Assam or to be sad as after 6 Years I am officially leaving a Place which I can proudly call my Second Home–Bangalore.. Seriously … Continue reading

A Leaf with Water Drop and A Thought–Photography

The other day I was trying to capture a leaf with Rain Drops on it but that was all in Vain,So I decided to take a Leaf and Put water on it like Rain and then I captured the Leaf with the Water Drops..  :D So How is the Leaf looking with the water drop? … Continue reading

Hanging Lights..

Well Many of us have heard about The Hanging Gardens,one of the seven wonders of the World..but this  post is not about The hanging Gardens in fact This Post is about Hanging Lights which I captured roaming in Bangalore the other day. Actually my Days in Bangalore is coming to an end,end of a very Memorable … Continue reading

Centipede–They are Quite Fast,Aren’t they?

Well the other day I was out for dinner with my friends and When I reached my Room,I had this creepy little fast guest waiting or let’s say running here and there in-front of my Gate..Well I took out my Cam in no time and ran after it just to capture it… :) And as … Continue reading

Bangkok Here I Come–Traveling in Style with AirAsia

Do you know Which is the most preferred tourist destination of 2013?Well,if not get your Backpacks ready because as far as I can see for the first time an Asian Country is all set to top the list–Confused,Well it is none other than the most happening,most Charming and well most deserving “BANGKOK“,the Capital city of … Continue reading