BataDrava Than

The famous Vaishnavite Saint Mahapurash Srimanta Sankardeva was born at Borduwa and there he founded the first ever “Than” known as BataDrava Than situated in Nagaon district nearly 15 kms from Nagaon Town. This “Than or Satra” has very religious importance as Srimanta Sankardeva started preaching Vaishnavite Religious ideas to his disciple in this Satra. … Continue reading

Barpeta Satra and Holi Festival

One of the famous Satra not only in Barpeta but aslo in Assam,established by Vaishnavite Saint Madhabdev. A beautiful collaboration of Art,Culture and Architecture,one can find immense peace and beauty in this Satra.Famous for its Doul Utsav(Holi Festival) celebrated during the Phagun Month of Assamese Calender,a spring colorful festival. So,Lets get some glimpse of the … Continue reading

12th South Asian Games

The most exciting sports extravaganza of South-Asian Countries kind of South-Asian Olympics,is on the way and this time it landed on none other than the Northeast India.The event scheduled to begin from 5th Feb to 16th Feb’2016  with 8 countries,23 events and 2700 athletes and will be hosted jointly by Guwahati and Shillong,the state capital … Continue reading