Goddess Durga-Deity of Shaktism

Goddess Durga the mother of Shaktism in hindu mythology and one of the main Goddess for Hindus.She is called with many names,having many persona and many forms. “The form of Shakti,The Destroyer of Evil,I bow to you mother with all my heart”

Being Online

Online is a great buzz word in today’s world,it’s a kind of fad among everyone,from young to old,short to tall..No matter who it is,they are surely under its grip… Ranging from Online Shopping to Online Dating it kind of offer us most of the luxuries within the stroke of our finger tips…Great isn’t it? But … Continue reading


When the day is about to end,Dusk offer a very soothing view to our eyes no matter where we are,that’s nature to us. This was taken when the Sun was going down at the Mighty River Brahmaputra,Guwahati…Beautiful isn’t it? This was taken using a mobile phone with 5 megapixel camera and to my astonishment it … Continue reading