Kopou(Orchid) Flower

The Assamese New Year is on,Known as Bohag-The First month of Assamese Calender celebrated as Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu all around Assam and by all Assamese all around the world. A very special flower known as Kopou(Orchid in english) is very traditional in Assamese Culture and especially in month of Bohag…The reason being-its use … Continue reading

In and around Assam…

There is lot more to see and talk about Assam and I do always try to put up a better picture of my Home state…Things when seen,I believe create a more deeper feeling than words..So here’s an attempt to do exactly the same.. Displaying Colorful tradition of Assam on the occasion of Assam Literature Festival in … Continue reading

One Horned Rhino-Its Sorry State

As we all know One Horned Rhino is found only in Assam,India.It is kind of Pride not only to Assam but to whole of India,but as you all know the kind of sorry state they are going through…on the verge of extinction because of only few who just in the name of few bucks don’t care … Continue reading