3 mistakes of my Life-In a lighter vein

Make Mistake n LearnI hope the title of my post seems familiar,Yeah you guys have guessed it right it is the title of a Book by Chetan Bhagat-“The 3 Mistakes of My Life”.But this post neither relate to his book nor I am providing any excerpt of the book instead it is about 3 mistakes in my life.

Somewhere in the net I found the below lines trolling and they are

3 Mistake of My Life
I am Male.
I belong to General Category.
I am an Engineer.

I think most of us has seen these line somewhere around the net and laugh on it and to be precise even I did but after all the laugh was gone,I did gave it a deeper thought and realized that these are the 3 mistake of my life that I can take in lighter vein and still consider them as mistake 😉

Though the mistake of being male was planned long ago by God I really had no control over that but the second mistake of being in General Category is what really troubles my heart now-a-days and I am sure it does troubles most of the Youth like me,this caste system literally has ruined India and in my view has been a major set back in India’s development,I am not against casteism but when caste system is applied in education and employment sector it does hurt country’s economy a lot and I am sure those who thinks logically and practically will agree with me.When it comes to education and employment most of the developed countries has a generalized system but in India that is not the case.

And now the third and the last mistake is being an Engineer though I feel proud of being an Engineer but actually it was like going with the crowd as when I completed my 10+2 it was like we knew only about two profession i.e Engineer or Doctor if you are from Science background and I think it is a mistake because you are just not able to distinguish yourself from the crowd I mean I stay in Bangalore and here every second person I met is an Engineer with some working in good companies and some in average companies,as the saying goes in Bangalore ‘If we throw a biscuit in air either a Dog or an Engineer will pick it up 😛 ‘.No hard feelings and as I said all things are to be taken in a lighter vein :-).

Though we all make mistake and I believe by making mistake we learn things,I have no regret for what I did all these years and about life I can only say ‘It Goes On’

Please comment on what you think and also write down your 3 things that you consider as mistakes of your life

8 thoughts on “3 mistakes of my Life-In a lighter vein

  1. loved your view and a thoughtful read lot more than I expected ..
    Male .. sooner or later male would regret being born male .. why ? womankind has been suffering a lot since ages in the hands of few opportunist males and the payback time is coming soon.. a decade or two and even now if you see a woman in power she takes everyone for a ride ( recall political names of India .. 😀 . CMs of many Indian states )
    General Category … this is similar to the first point. The untouchables and low castes and minorities have had enough and now they are major source of vote-bank and hence get facilities over and above General Category – in academics and in govt jobs and in promotions .. Hence General Category is suffering and more is yet to come !
    Engineer (and I will add MBA too ) – its really a mistake but normally its the dream of the parents which drag us to become flock of sheep .. failing to crack best institutes .. we end up studying in useless colleges just for the ‘ namesake ‘ . So that our parents are able to say .. my son /daughter is an engineer /mba.

    • Thanks for your view,I really loved your comment especially on ‘Male ‘ view and adding up ‘MBA’ with Engineering,I missed on that point thanks for highlighting that 🙂

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