A WildLife Animation using GoAnimate

Today I was watching a video in YouTube and there I go a link to a website Go!Animate.Now for a little introduction about Go!Animate,it is a site that lets you create amazing animated videos.That is all for now for the introduction and you can visit the site if you want to give it a try

The Story begins-An Elephant is having a drink in Kaziranga Bar in Assam and there he met a Giraffe who has come all the way from Africa just to have a drink in Kaziranga Bar as she has heard a lot about this bar and so she decided to make a visit.

As she was enjoying in the bar she suddenly bumped with the Elephant and they both got introduced and had a healthy chat about the future of Wild Animals.

Enjoy the Video and Please do comment your opinion.

Here is the chat between the two in text format if you are not able to keep up with the video.

ElephantHey What’s Up Dude?


giraffeOh Hi..I m Fine,Hows You?

ElephantM Fine Thanks,by the way U in Assam,how come?

giraffeOh I heard a lot about this bar inΒ  Kazirnaga so decided to make a visit to have Kaziranga Drink.

ElephantOh Sure you are welcome,by the way how it is there in Africa?In India Life is Hell for us every Animal is going to endangered list,Hows your Life in Africa?

giraffeOh Sorry to hear that,In Africa also the condition is not so good,they are cutting all the trees,don’t have left much for food,urbanization you know.

ElephantYa Ya I know that,Urbanization is getting us nowhere Lets do something about it I hope some educated will come forward and help us Whats your take on this?

giraffeYa sure that’s a nice idea.But at first let’s get all the animals together.You do this here in India and I will do it in Africa.Lets have an Animal Union Body.

ElephantOh That’s a nice Idea Sure we can do that and it will be good for us Anyway Buddy it was nice meeting you and we need to be in touch,ping me your contact details

giraffeYa sure,It was nice meeting you and to keep in touch add me on Facebook my id is AfricanGiraffe.

That’s all.hope you Guys Enjoyed and Please do let me know your views.


23 thoughts on “A WildLife Animation using GoAnimate

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  3. Thanks for sharing. Liked the concept that the video wanted to highlight.
    Btw, the voices reminded me of the Flipkart TV commercials. Did anyone else notice that?

  4. nice work with go animate ,… brother !! I had used it an year back .. nice concept to bring forth the issue of urbanization at the expenditure of deforestation …. through animals !!
    Loved it Harsha πŸ™‚

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