Crimes On Women-Time to Stop It

This post is an Animated Description of my Previous Post which I wrote for IndiChange.Again it’s Go!Animate that has helped me to create this awareness animation and I am really happy that I am able to produce this short animation that shows how it has become important to stop Crimes On Women.

The Scene starts with an office talk between me and my colleague.I am sad about a news I saw in the Newspaper that day and was really disturbed and then my colleague comes in and we had a very healthy chat on the issues on Crimes on Women.

To Know about the chat please watch the video.And if you have time and want to read my earlier post on the same topic here it is Put A Halt on Women Voilence.

Please leave your views and spread the message.

Thanks 🙂

23 thoughts on “Crimes On Women-Time to Stop It

  1. I liked the message you were trying to promote, the words are well written. Unfortunately I did not like the ‘accent’ of your characters. It was a little dull and lifeless. Maybe next time you can give the voiceover? Or get a real person to do it? Just my opinion. 🙂

  2. Harsha the key is education and literacy. Indians are being kept illiterate on purpose so that there is a vote banks for politicians and the ultimate results are this rapes and inhuman acts.I fully support the view that we must create awareness about gender equality among our kith and kin

    • Yes U are right,Having strict laws has now become a necessity,People in India have made it their habit to take laws for granted.I even support Capital Punishment for such people in no time…

  3. Do not know why these kind of incidents are happening regularly. Quite disturbing. Some time I fear to open a news channel…

    May be the method of our upbringing is a problem, at least these days… There is no value system and every one is busy. To that the masala movies, 24/7 news without any sense, easy access to Internet and porn, road-side 24/7 bars, easy money, private education where money for speaks everything, etc., gets added.

  4. a message worth infinite votes .. its cannot be a human act .Crime against Woman and Children better be crushed before the news channels and newspapers flood us with similar stories and we stand stranded.
    A video speaks lot better than an entire paragraph 🙂

    About GoAnimate-Go Animate is good …the way the characters pronounce stuff kills the emotion of the message . This is my personal view.

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