PM vs Terrorist-A Cartoon

As I was reading Times of India,I came to know that Terrorist has Opened Fire on Indian Soldiers and Reportedly 2 Soldiers were injured and the main reason behind I think is the Srinagar visit of our PM.

As I was going through the news an idea of creating a Cartoon came to mind,if PM hear this news then how would he react to it?

So here is a little try depicting our PM action on this matter through the Cartoon…

Hope youΒ guys like it.. πŸ™‚

PM and Terrorist

PM and Terrorist

P.S.-No Hard Feeling on Our Honorable Prime Minister,It is just for fun…

P.P.S-Due to great support and encouragement from my fellow bloggers I am able to come up with ideas,Please keep supporting Keep.. πŸ™‚


48 thoughts on “PM vs Terrorist-A Cartoon

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  2. This Really shows the Negative Attitude of Congress towards the common people and Jawans too .. Nice thinkable Cartoon .. πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha..Rightly said lekin Hume Mango banake hi ye Tomato wale bahut upar chad gaye hai…They don’t give a shit about us,so Why should we?
      Today I saw a Government Car breaking Traffic rule but the Traffic police did nothing as he was also helpless,because we tend to be helpless so they make us helpless..Ah I think I am getting to rebellious here…

      • Therein lies the problem we elect them > they rule us shabby > we elect them again > they treat us more shabby and on and on and on

      • This is a vicious cycle you know and we are just helpless,,just helpless,I don’t when the change will come..But as you know there is a saying “paap ka ghada kabhi na kabhi foota hee hai”…So it will obviously be there as we are becoming more and more aware…Really I firmly believe time will change and I will never give up hope in our country….

      • No Yaar Vijay…I am feeling down today so not in a mood…But I am very happy that you atleast visited my blog today…. πŸ™‚

  3. So far 8 army personal are killed… too much casualty. I am wondering what happened to Nawaj Sharrif’s promises? He should act, else India will react.

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