Mango People’s Money-What Center Does..

When we Mango People pay our tax we really think that it is our duty to pay tax and it will help in country’s development.But most of our hard-earned money which we pay as Tax I believe is spends in Travel and Enjoyment of our Political Leaders.Every Year these Political Leaders spends crores on their travel and these are Mango People’s money.

Here I am not saying they shouldn’t travel but they make their travel low profile instead.I have found that many political leaders of other countries prefer Public Transport or Low profile travel does minimizing the waste of such huge amount.

A recent report generated byΒ the PMO as part of obligations under the compulsory proactive revelation clause of the Right to Information Act has revealed that PM Foreign Trips in Nine Years of his tenure has spent a whoppingΒ ofΒ 642 crore rupees and it is indeed a huge amount for a Developing Country.

I tried to illustrate how a Common Man feel on such news through my Cartoon.Hope everyone likes it.. πŸ™‚

But on a serious note such useless Spending,Scams is taking India Nowhere.. 😦

PM and Mango People

PM and Mango People

24 thoughts on “Mango People’s Money-What Center Does..

  1. hmmm… foreign trips will be there, it is a part of the system. But, what frustrates me the number of scams and instances of looting in India. That hurts the mango man or aamjunta the most.

    • Yes u r right…Scams are also now part of the system..It starts from the lower level and go upto the topmost level…The root needs to cut if we want to stop all these..

  2. lost a comment due to network, so much for being mango people. Harsha brilliant doodle, but I guess our PM needs a little bit of travelling considering he has nothing else to do(pun intended)

    • Hehehe…Thanks a lot.. πŸ™‚
      But I wonder what took you so long to understand Mango People as you also fall in the same category.. πŸ˜›

  3. Super liked! More than the blog, I just loved your illustration. Gosh! You are so talented! You have great cartooning skills. Bring it on! Keep them coming

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