Man vs Wild

With all the recent cruelty on Wildlife I guess our future generation will never know that there exist a term “Wildlife” and this makes me very sad.

“The quicker we humans learn that saving open space and wildlife is critical to our welfare and quality of life, maybe we’ll start thinking of doing something about it.”-Jim Fowler

The above quote really depicts the message very well as what we Humans are upto and what we should do,I am happy that there are technological advancement around us but at the same time all these advancements are made at the cost of Nature which does not go well with me,what I believe is that there should be sustainable ways in which we carry on our development without overlooking the Wildlife or the Natural resources.

Likewise the crime on the society is on the rise sameway the cruelty on Wildlife and Natural Resource is also on the rise but we fail to notice that as we are only focused on our development and how can we make our life better.But,let me remind you Nature and Human Development goes hand in hand and without nature being gracious enough to us we are just helpless.

To illustrate how Wild animals feel,I have made this Cartoon to convey the message on their behalf as they can’t speak out their pain at all.Hope all like it and gets the message clearly.. 🙂

It also remind me “The Law of the Wild Says-Kill only when you are Hungry” and I am very much sure that the day is sure to come when these Wild will be Hungry for the Land,for their Nature and we Human will pay the price…

Man vs Wild

Man vs Wild


32 thoughts on “Man vs Wild

  1. Hi Harsha,

    Awesome doodle. Mind if I use it for my post save tigers our national pride. The post is already but I can add the image and will give you a due credit of course. Please do let me know if that’s ok with you. I will wait for your reply.

  2. The topic that you have dealt with is very relevant and shows your love for nature and its creatures. We only consider ourselves to be precious and behave in a reckless manner as a result of which the world is fast losing its poise. I loved the post rich with your thoughts and caricature.

    • We have made out the point..That’s what we human things as we are the only living creatures on this earth and never bother to think of our Nature,Animals etc…
      Thanks for the comment.. 🙂

      • Seriously Harsha what would happen if someone keep you or me in a closed room for just one day. And keep this animal for their life inside cages in the name of conservation, zoo and entertainment

      • If some1is behind Bars without any reason,That will be the appropriate time to teach them how these speechless Animals feel when we keep them in Cage…..

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