Indians Issue-Piss and PDA

Going through the Times of India I came across a post titled “25 things that make us truly Indian!“,though it is funny post and not so serious point mentioned in the post but one point caught my eyes and I decided to depict it in my Cartoon.

The point is “We great citizens will piss in public but not kiss in public.That’s against our Indian ethics.Future generations will be born spastic if we indulge in PDA.” This point made me laugh and at the same time I realize the trueness of the point.

India is developing,we are slowly but surely following western lifestyle but do you really think that we Indians have really developed our mindset.There are so many instances to point out to prove that we Indians are not enough Broad Minded to accept PDA like things but at the same time will happily adopt Western Lifestyle….

What I want to prove here is that PDA to a certain extent is ok and I believe India being a conservative country,Indians will never cross that limit.We don’t care about Pissing in Public but we get Shock when we see someone in PDA….What does that mean?

Check out my Cartoon and Have your Say…. 🙂 because I want to know what others think in this matter..

Indian Issue

Indian Issue


50 thoughts on “Indians Issue-Piss and PDA

  1. It shows rooms are easily available but toilets are not!. 🙂
    I was watching a documentary on netflix “Love In India” made by Q and it talks about the subject -PDA.
    I did not like the movie.
    And I do not support following western lifestyle is that good!..But in my western living experience , I did not find a single person showing PDA outside ..people are decent enough even though media portray something else back home.

  2. Piss in public. Uuhh I loathe it like anything. I hope someday govt bans it and declares it illegal. But of corse it’s never going to happen.
    PDA?? Diff subject with diff opinions. I personally have no problem if its well within limits. But again limits can’t be generalised.

    • Yes In India Pissing in Public is like a Tradition you know and Yes PDA well within limits doesn’t create obscenity and I believe in India to the most it is well within limits but again it depends from person to person which can’t be generalised as you said…

  3. Piss in public but cant Kiss in Public…very apt post for the conservative society of our country. Freedom of expression does not mean that society keeps invading each other’s privacy and dictate its moral code of conduct.When such culturally accepted norms are violated, protests are inevitable. It is ironic that AIDS awareness has become synonymous with sex awareness and promotion of sexuality in public.

    • Thanks for such an insightful and meaningful comment.
      And yes it has been a habit of Indians to poke in every matter whether it is of any importance or not.
      We Indians easily get attracted to western lifestyle and say that we are developed but I say a society or a country is developed when the people broaden their mindset..

  4. The doodle was nice indeed! 🙂
    But I just can’t figure out why we always end up comparing two practically differnt phenomena’s :P:D
    That too when most of us carry the instincts : “As if anybody cares who everybody else thinks” 😛

  5. Harsha what are you trying to prove to piss or not to piss or to pda or not to pda. Anyways my opinion is that we are equally bad at both things.

    • Hehehe..I am trying to prove that if we can Piss in public what’s wrong with PDA…Everyone in India is taking up western culture but are just unable to open up their Mind..As I said in my post PDA in India is not so obscene as we address to it…With changing world we should also change our perspective….. 🙂

      • How dare you try to change our 5000 year old culture. Naah I am joking but seriously we Indians tend to overdo everything even aping Americans

      • How dare you try to change our 5000 year old culture. Naah I am just joking but seriously we Indians tend to overdo everything even aping Americans

  6. PDA is not a crime but it should not also embarrass the public. Every thing has its place and time. Should not be a problem. And coming to Public Piss — In Indian scenario most likely we do not have urinals and even we have the sanitation level there is horrible. It puts many in a catch 22 situation.

    Good one dost….

    • Yes u r right and like I have said in India to most extent PDA remain in its limit…and for Public pissing what you have said holds very true.. 🙂

  7. Hi Harsha! Your topic is one that can make us talk for hours in an attempt to explore the psyche of the nation. A good attempt. Still let’s us be lenient towards those with the pressure on the urinal bladder!!

    • Ya it is indeed..we can talk about hours in this regard and I am sure there will be no conclusion…
      And as far as Urinal Bladder is concerned I always wonder the pressure on them will rise drastically once u r out of ur home… 🙂

  8. PDA which doesn’t cause obscenity is OK to me. Now, obscenity is very subjective – can’t define with a general meaning. Hope you understand. On the other hand, pissing in public is something that I despise!

    Interestingly, in India, where gender discrimination has been and is still practiced, pissing in pubic is not an issue if the one pissing is a man – but a woman is taught from her childhood that she should learn to control nature’s call and the right place to piss is a toilet. On the contrary, men are given the liberty to go and piss any and everywhere!! Ridiculous – heights of hypocrisy. I feel ashamed of this discrimination.

    • Wow your comment added more value to my post.. 🙂
      And as for PDA,In India to the most extent it does not cause obscenity still it is declared vulgar…and Pissing to me is an Age Old Tradition and is still followed but it is declining….and I don’t fall in the PIP(Pissing in Public) category… 🙂

    • Kya kare this is India….We Indians have become Westerns in Lifestyle but still hold on to some theory that literally is meaningless or has no value…

    • Yes you r very true on that..But I wonder what is the problem with PDA,if no one minds pissing in public then what’s wrong with PDA..

      • What I think is that relieving oneself in public (which includes pissing too) is a thing that has been practiced in India for a long time. So even though that is decreasing, but it still happens. And PDA is on the rise.

      • PDA’s should not be seen as a crime..If we don’t hesitate to flow with the Western Culture then there should also be no problem with PDA’s

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