Food Security Bill-Will Benefit or Another Scam

The President of India ‘Shri Pranab Mukherjee’ has signed the ordinance of Food Security Bill.It means that now the Bill will be presented in both the house of Parliament in its Monsoon Session before it is passed.

The Food Security programme will be the biggest in the world with the government spending estimated at Rs 125,000 crore annually on supply of about 62 million tonnes of rice,wheat and coarse cereals to 67 per cent of the population.It aims to provide 5 kg of rice,wheat and coarse grains at Rs 3,Rs 2,Rs 1 per kg,respectively,every month to three-fourths of rural population and half the urban population in the country.

So,My fellow Indians what is your take on this..Will it be another Scam by our Government or Will it do any Good to the People of India?Because generally such bill never reaches to beneficiaries in India.

In case you want to study the Food Security Bill,here it is National Food Security Bill(Courtesy-The Hindu)

Here is what I have to say…Though I really wish that this time the Bill fulfill its purpose but looking at the reputation of Indian Government I hesitate to feel that way… 😦

Food Security Bill

Food Security Bill

40 thoughts on “Food Security Bill-Will Benefit or Another Scam

  1. I am really afraid of big figures in budget session when these has to follow our bureaucracy system which itself is filter which will definitely absorbs good percentage keeping good amount for people 😛
    Jay Maaaa dilliwali !!!!

    • Indeed you are right..we have beggars sitting at all the top levels and these beggars can go to any level like they are hungry for years.. 😛
      Thanks for sharing your thought.. 🙂 Keep Visiting

  2. Any initiative taken for a good purpose is always welcome but we the people of India cannot get rid of the bogey of corruption. Yet I hope this to be true in the interests of the common and poor people of the country.

    • Yes indeed corruption is in the roots of Indians and we are not able to let it go…I hope it changes and we the citizen also have the responsibility towards minimizing it if not completely eradicate it..

  3. Haha…this is just another scam. My mom was a government accountant before retiring. She was responsible for passing subsidies for farmers’ wells. And the trouble she had with everyone at work just because she refused to have a cut from those subsidies! This bill will be no better than the past ones.

    • We all know Indian Government and Scam goes hand in hand forever and always…And given the fact that it is one of the biggest bill in the world,I just wonder how happy they might be feeling….

      • In this kind of scheme (scam), everybody eats: right from the lowly clerk to the top-notch politicians. And then we complain about these scams. Common man (clerks and other government officials) first helps politicians in these scams and then they raise hue and cry about it. Irony of life.

      • Ya you are right..But then what the clerks will do..They have a family to feed and the salary they get is not enough for them..moreover the pressure they get from the top-level,its like circle of life..Though I am not saying it is good and such things should be stopped…
        Recently some of my Father’s Colleague were terminated from their job for illegal selling of Trees,Rhino Horns etc working under Assam Forest Service…
        Such people has lost their morals and never hesitate to do such things and the number of such people is very high in the society..

  4. Somehow I do not agree with the policies of the govt. Plans , plannings and bills are all all old time stories … the point is the proper implementation of such program.nice post Harsha

    • Thanks A Lot.. 🙂
      Ab to Govt. ke policies or planning ke upar kisiko bhorasa nahi raha…They only good in looting Commons Man Money and Nothing else..

  5. It’s a sad take on life in India that we need to be so cynical. But life has taught us this. Of course it’s another scam. Embarrassing.

    • Yes Life is indeed cynical in India…We really can’t believe in anything from Government until it shows any development for the Public..But for long nothing has happened in India fro the development of Indians..
      Thank You for your comment.. 🙂

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