Religion-What It Is and What We Think

Religion is a vast topic to write about in a single post and the more long it goes the more readers lose their interest.So here I will try to keep it simple and to the point,though it is the subject I believe no human has understood to the perfection even though he claims to be God’s Messenger and I am no different…

Religion as defined by Wikipedia–Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural, and to spirituality.

It does relate us some way or the other to the Supernatural ‘The God’ and there are some people in every religion who try to act as if they are the bridge between The Humans and The Supernatural…Oh I hate such people.

But my point is–In Early Days(By Early Days I mean when Human first evolved) when people had no god to worship,what did they do?Nothing they were just busy in surviving but in Today’s world it has become like–because of Religion we are surviving….Look how the world has changed.

Any sensible human being with a fair intellectual capacity will always point religion as their part of life but not life,but generally this doesn’t happen and so the world is in Chaos and it will always be in Chaos until and unless Humanity succeed Religion and I fear if it is ever going to happen…For me I just need a peace world to live in where Religion doesn’t come between Humanity.

No Religion in this world is flawless and the sooner we Human Being realize this fact the better or else some people(love to call them as ‘God’s Messenger’ )in every religion will lead us to a Pit Hole from where there is no way out.Get to your concise before it’s too late…Religion is to love not to spread Hatred,at least that’s what i learned all these years.

For me I really don’t mind offering my prayers in a Temple,Mosque,Church or Gurudwara as for I know God is one and they stays in our heart maybe in different form….and the same goes for a sensible human being.

And At Last answer my one question—Religion created Human Being or Human being created Religion?

Religion-Past and Present

Religion-Past and Present

I end my Post with a Cartoon to decide for yourself….Think About It..


46 thoughts on “Religion-What It Is and What We Think

  1. Man created religion. Man and not women. Look at the history of religions. Eve is portrayed as evil in Christianity as well as Islam. Woman is a commodity in Hinduism. The Buddha was cautious of women. Sikkhism lionises men. … Man.

    I understood the spirit of your blog. I’m adding another dimension to it.

  2. i agree with you that today the misconceptions have raised so highly that we can’t differentiate between wrong and right and that of religion so i think all religions are equal.One thing i have observed that different religious people have different ideologies but one thing is common in them that whenever they point towards god or they need help from god so all religious people whether Hindu,Sikh,Christan,etc say(oppar wala meri madath kar dey)so means fact is deny that god is one and he is above who is the animator and annihilator of the world.
    Religions of past and notions of today people lies between a huge difference .
    The post was written sensibly,and you respectively described what you had in your heart ….

  3. So Harsha I would like to know how you will define Humanity without true religion. How we can give equal rights without Moral law giver. We are made by God and we must look to Him for true purpose of our life. Can we found any meaning without the Author of our life.

    • Ok fine then you go ahead and find the true religion and once you find it do let me know till then I will try to put Humanity above Religion..Here the matter is not about God,it is About Religion..For me God is one and I find it to be the same in every religion I come across…As I mentioned in the post I have no issue in offering my prayers in Temple,Mosque,Church or for me God resides in my heart…and not in some structures built by Humans to serve their own purpose..Whose is moral Law Giver..Morals and Ethics lies within us and we just take the name of God to make it more strong so that others follow….My Friend Every Religion has some flaw in them and so I believe there is no true religion as they are man made not God Made…Accept the fact that religion is Human Made and God has nothing to do with it…

      • I wonder if you ever thought about God and his Love, anyways I too searched for long time but found no true religion. But then I met Jesus Christ, God who became man to save us from our sins. And yes mostly I dont call Christianity a religion as its not man-made thing but God reaching out man. So I follow Christ, who is the moral law giver, he taught us about humanity otherwise science calls us mere product of an accident. He adds the meaning in our life.

      • You follow Christ it is good,likewise different people have different beliefs on God…So,I guess it is not about which God to follow which one to not…At the end of the it depends from Human to Human…So it totally depends on Humans and how they react to it…
        And let me tell you Jesus gave his life for Humanity,if being a God he can think of Humanity then why we humans can’t think of Humanity…
        And I believe there was life even before Jesus Christ or so called this God or Religion term came into existence…
        BTW I am not an Atheist or hardcore religious..

      • Ok if after all we dont want to turn our heads towards God thats fine. Christ died not just for Humanity but to make us free from sins and to tell us what we are really made for.
        BTW if you dont take a stand, I am afraid you call fall for anything.
        But I am also arguing that every manmade religions are false and not to be chased after but to replace it with Truth is what we need.

      • So why are you preaching only about one GOD and One Religion here..There is no use of being so religious centric…My dear friend by saying about one god and one religion you are trying to spread hatred among others..I guess Jesus didn’t want that neither the force people to follow him..And Mind You..I have attended THe Prayer in Church and visit whenever I feels like visiting,I have also offered Namaz and visit mosque when I feels like visiting and the same goes for Temple and any other religious places…
        Tell Me God never differentiated on Humans,then Why Human is trying to differentiate GOD….God may be called by different names but for me I call him GOD that’s it…
        And Please if you comment next time please USE THE TERM GOD rather than using any specific TERM..or else I will believe you are a person with low morals

    • Thank You.. πŸ™‚
      Lekin logic solid hone se kya hoga…we Indians are especially Religious and Emotional Fool…Logic ke liye to kisi ke paas time hi nahi hai.. 😦

  4. It is good that you put up a post tackling such a topic, nowadays no one wants to talk about it, in many circles talking about religion is NOT cool and therefore avoided. This is sad sad because in India we are very much influenced by religion and therefore discussing and resolving issues related to religion are important.
    In answer to your question, I am pretty sure Humans created religion.

    • Thanks for such a nice comment..
      And yes humans created religion and now they behave as religion created Humans which is quite not acceptable I really feel very sad when I see how religion is succeeding humanity…

  5. Religion and God are two different things. Everything that is original have a counterfeit therefore when we say there are so many false religion there must be one true. Because if original or true religion would not exist then there would be no false religion or no religion at all. Think on it.

    • Here the matter is not about false or true religion..The matter is how we take a religion in our daily life,People not only in India but also in the World is so obsessed with Religion that the never think of Humanity..Humanity is a matter that is losing to Religion..As a sensible Human Being I always keep Humanity before Religion and I believe every sensible Human Being does the same…

      • I agree with you religion misused, religion abused and we see the evil outcome and we say we dont want it. Tell me one thing similarly all good things are misused like food for being glutton, money for being greedy, sex for trafficking, entertainment to ruin/exploit and the list goes on. I dont think it can be solved by eradicating religion but finding out what is true religion.

      • So who is going to find out that true Religion my friend..If we indulge in finding out True Religion..Can we ever imagine the outcome?
        The better solution would be to focus on Humanity rather than religion as it will do no good if we become religion centric…
        Remember Religion is here because of Humans and not Humans are here because of Religion

  6. I can’t agree with you any better! You have presented your thoughts in such a neat way Harsha! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks a lot for the appreciation.. πŸ™‚
      And really I feel very sad looking at the present scenario,how we people take religion..I believe religion is not meant to be taken that way…

  7. Haha…I am agnostic. It’s not that I don’t believe in God but whatever! Anyway, I think religion and God is two different things, and religion is invented by us, the humans. The people who created the religion, i.e., in the old days when the vedas were written, did it to serve their own purpose. To fulfill their own desires in the name of religion. For example, hanuman chalisa. There’s this line if you know “Dhol,Gawar,Shudra ,Pashu aur Nari ,Ye sab tadan ke adhikari” Now who my question is who will decide who deserves what?

    • Hmmm..You really added a meaningful insights to the post indeed…And yes you are right religion was created to serve the purpose of Humanity in old days but now it seems it is the other way round and I guess we will never be able to find out who deserve what and we will forever remain in chaos…
      Thanks for such an insightful comment.. πŸ™‚

  8. well,Harsha – as i mentioned in the last cartoon of mine -its all in the name of God .. the God who was given birth by the human race … and then promoted by religion .
    The Almighty , the Creator of the Universe may have never come down to earth to solve himan made riddle . He/She/It never needs to. Almighty is a super engineer who never made any mistake by making us. We all know its one life and many like to be remembered in History-by being rish , knowledge guru ,serving humanity and life etc !!
    yet there are people who fight for their false-ego ( I am something,this is mine , how dare he etc) and some who make use of such people πŸ™‚ The first are fools and the second set of people are cunning..
    they exist everywhere .. politics , day to day life , religion , everywhere … our job is to remind them .. (the egoistic fools who become the weapon and the cunning foxes who use them .. for vested interests) that all of us are mortals … that no God will save them for their sins – the sin of being inhuman.

  9. I have felt that people identify themselves more with religion as an entity. Even when there is no real faith or belief in God or scriptures, there is still the religious identity & I wonder how that can happen. Don’t they feel God comes first & not religion? :O Religions, nations, races & languages have successfully divided the world over centuries.

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