India-Population,Pollution and Corruption-A Solution-Part I

Few Days ago I wrote a post on the 3 issues that India is facing that is Population,Pollution and Corruption.

If you want to check that post here it is

In this post I will try to highlight the possible solutions in tackling these 3 issues if not completely eradicate them.This post is written on the basis of a very insightful comments I received in my previous post from Rachna and Ritesh

India is developing at a rapid pace and it’s development started way back from 1980’s if I am not wrong and still we are developing.India has set 2020 as the target to get tag of Developed Country but the present scenario speaks a very different story of India becoming a developed country by 2020.No,I am not a pessimist and I really want the name of India to be on the developed list but to become a developed country we must first tackle the 3 main issue I mentioned because as for me I sense these 3 issue to be main threat in India’s Development.
So here I provide some possible solutions for these issues and countrymen be with me for making India Developed.


  • First of all there is a law in India to have not more than 2 children for any couples but this law is hardly implemented whereas In China if a couple has more than 1 child it is considered illegal and they have implemented it utmost perfection.
  • Eduction-It is one of the most important tool.In India education system is pathetic,it is not able to the reach mass especially the rural population,so I believe it is not only the responsibility of the Government but also the Educated Indians to make them aware about the various issues related to population.
  • Use of contraceptive devices.Contraception,while not infallible, drastically reduces fertility rates,often with minimal expense.While contraception and education about using contraception is widely available in rich countries,people in poor countries may not have access to simple contraceptive methods like condoms,or even don’t know what they are.
  • Child Adoption should be encouraged.A couple can give birth to one child and if they want they can adopt another,in that way the orphan will get a home and it will also add to controlling population.

In 2009 Health and Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said that in order to control population–“If there is electricity in every village,then people will watch TV till late at night and then fall asleep.They won’t get a chance to produce children,” Mr Azad said at the time. “When there is no electricity, there is nothing else to do but produce babies.”

So,I guess the development and education of rural population in India will be very much beneficial in controlling population.

2.Pollution:-As I said in my previous post there are 3 major types of pollution Air,Water and Noise and now Soil pollution is also on the rise.Pollution not only hamper the Environment but also the Human race.

In order to control Air pollution we should make the environment greener and should plant more and more trees.Not only the Government but also the Public must cooperate in this regard.We should minimize the use of Private Vehicles and should use Public Vehicles wherever possible.We should opt for Car Pooling in major cities.Better off,walk or cycle to school!It does wonders to the environment,reduces the amount of air pollution and noise,and makes you fit!The Law on Vehicle Emission and Emission from Industries should be enacted strictly.

For Noise Pollution–Do not use car horns unnecessarily.Areas like hospitals and campuses are silence zones and honking is prohibited there.Avoid loud music,which hurts your ears and others’ ears.Firecrackers are extremely loud, so don’t try and burn them unnecessarily.

To minimize Water Pollution–Sewage should be treated before it is discharged into the river or ocean.This is possible through modern techniques.Modern techniques are widely available but we least make use of it,there should be procedural check before sewage are dispensed into water bodies.Laws should be strictly implemented in this regard.Waste food material,paper,decaying vegetables and plastics should not be thrown into open drains.We Indians have the tendency of not using the Dustbin and throwing households wastages in open drains and water bodies.These should be minimised.Effluents from distilleries, and solid wastes containing organic matter should be sent to biogas plants for generation of energy.Oil slicks in water bodies should be skimmed off from the surface with suction device.Sawdust may be spread over oil slicks to absorb the oil components.Promoting health awareness programmes in localities showing the deadly effects to Water Pollution should be organised.Construction of soundproof rooms for noisy machines in industrial and manufacturing installations must be encouraged.Vegetation (trees) along roads and in residential areas is a good way to reduce noise pollution as they absorb sound.

Soil Pollution–It is defined as the presence of materials in the soil which are harmful to the living beings when they cross their threshold concentration levels.To minimise Soil Pollution we must look for proper ways of Watse Management.This is the job given to Panchayats in villages,municipalities in towns and cities.However,each one of us has to do our bit.Avoid Plastic bags and Polythenes and if used they shuld be recycled effectively and should not be dumped in Soil as they are non-degradable.Use of biodegradable products wherever possible.Use of pesticides and insecticides should be minimised and There should be plantation of trees on large scale.

That’s all for now.In my Next post I will discuss about possible prevention of Corruption.The Information provided here is a mixed bag of Internet Research and My Views.

Over to the Public with a Cartoon Strip… 🙂

*Click on the image for better view…

Population-Pollution Control

Population-Pollution Control

39 thoughts on “India-Population,Pollution and Corruption-A Solution-Part I

  1. All points agreed and accepted…and yes awareness / implementation/ faith at an individual level will be required to drive this successfully at a national level.
    I didn’t know it was Ghulam Nabi who said that…was it an effective solution?!!
    I try in small ways…save water while brushing, keep waste with me till i find a dustbin, don’t light crackers at all, BUT this seems so insignificant compared to the growing population…
    Nevertheless, an inspirational post from someone who believes and wants to instil belief in others

    • Thanks a Lot for Sharing your valuable thought and Yes I believe we together can change the picture of India just we need to stand together and do our job in every possible way we can… 🙂

    • Thanks a Lot Fayaz.. 🙂
      Right it is wishful but today I am following it,tomorrow there will be 10 and slowly I believe everyone will do good for this country… 🙂

    • Thanks a Lot Anunoy.. 🙂
      Hahahaha….Pessimist about such topic is fine..But don’t be a pessimist to India….Always be Optimistic about India and you should speak you mind so that we can know what lets you become a pessimist on such topics… 🙂

  2. Time to take an action. Its not only the govt that has to impose strict rules, but we as responsible citizens should come fwd with a mutual goal. Good post , appreciate ur thoughts

    • Thanks a Lot.. 🙂
      Yes it is not only Govt.but we as citizen holds more responsibility towards making India a better Place..
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. 🙂

    • Yes it increases day and night..but we just can’t loose our hopes in this country afterall India has given so much to us..Its time we return the favor.. 🙂

  3. Adoption can sure make the world a better place to live…but only if the foster home is a safe place! Though I’m glad,the condition in India per se is far better than other nations where adoption is more about some selfish vested interest!

    We don’t really need some huge revolutionary act…just a bit change in mindsets is the whole sole need of the hour!

    What could be better than to spread love! 🙂

  4. I completely agree with my say!! And by ghar ka Chirag they mean a son. As if girls are just baby producing machines. Nice points Harsha but India can never come in the list of developed countries unless indian minds are developed enough.

  5. If you want to promote a villain or sell the antics of a lunatic, you will not be short of people to garner support for him as the country have plenty of people to listen to and stand by them. Harsha, you have rightly spoken about some of the most burning issues facing the country. The problem of pollution in addition to the other factors impede the pace of development of the country. As you have pointed out, we need to think about the size of our population to reach the cherished goal of development. The cartoon is compatible with the spirit of the post.

  6. life is all about adaptation and adoption .. the sooner we start implementing these two things the better.
    Indians have a tendency of ghar ka chirag … as if we are some Gupta Dynasty .. or the Mughal Empire .. or Harappa Mohenjodaro family .. if our family is extinct it would be a loss to the planet earth .. !! Big deal, if the orphans are adopted .. at least .. the population remains in control !
    Regarding pollution there is another type of pollution prevailing in India .. Mind Pollution – we have polluted and greedy mind which tends to promotion of corruption and forgeting that what we are doing today will harm the coming generation !!
    Selfish and Hypocrite Indians , we are !! 😦

    • Exactly MySay, In my opinion self realization and change of individuals can lead to every possible good change in future. Whatever changes we want positively we can make it happen only if the selfish attitude changes.

      Who can we change? the people who are imbibed with selfish thoughts and living life just to accumulate assests by exploiting the society in every possible way? It will be fighting a losing war if we try to change them. Because most of such people are not even aware of what they are and they react “Moron Like” if we approach them. The best part is they gather a team to curtail our efforts (many politicians and many rich people are experts)

      So the best possible way is to mold the young minds which are less infected by these polluted thoughts. We can save them first from the big wave which drives them in wrong direction and show them the way. We need to keep doing. Then we can find a change, if not in our generation atleast next generation will reap the fruits.

      I could not do much, So I left my job in a Metro and working on build my organisation to do exactly the same i said above. I am fighting alone against all the odds, some critisize me for leaving the job, I lost my personal side of life in this process. But I firmly believe, we need to get on to ground to do something rather debating. Many young minds like me, you, harsha, unknown friends are doing the level best, thinking for the nation is the first step.

      Hope is all we need to believe. Jaihind.

    • Wow..That’s great to hear.. 🙂
      Really sensible people like you are always welcomed for the development of this country and More and More people should understand the value of it..
      By Adopting you are not only making yourself proud but also making a child’s future.. 🙂

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