India-Corruption-A Solution Part II

In my earlier post I wrote about possible solution to Population and Pollution control.If you haven’t checked it out here it is.

In this post I will try to give some solutions on controlling Corruption.However when we hear the term Corruption,we generally erupt with anger or become very sad and start bashing our leaders.But I believe the main root of Corruption is We-The Common People who provide opportunities to Corrupted Persons and never raise their voice against them.

For Me–Those who are suffering and accepting injustice are equally responsible with those who are doing injustice for making Corruption a never-ending Business..

Corruption is Huge and it is growing day by day in a huge country like India and pushing India to backfoot.I know we can’t eradicate corruption in a day,no-one can but what I believe is with continuous effort from each and every citizen we can minimize it on day-to-day basis.As we all know ‘Impossible is Nothimg’.With this I provide my solutions to curb Corruption.. πŸ™‚

  • Education:-In today’s world there is nothing that Education cannot teach us and it should be taken as one of the main tool to educate people about their rights.Those who are uneducated do not know about the process,provisions and procedures through which they can get justice.Corrupt public servants try to make fool of them and often demands for bribe.It is due to unawareness in the field of law,public rights and procedures thereof that a common and an uneducated suffer out of the corrupt society.This suggests that if we are educated, we can understand our rights well.Even the educated pay bribes…But that’s a different story.An Educated should always use their Knowledge for the right use and not for paying bribe.An Educated person will know about the Do’s and Dont’s while dealing with procedures and they should use their knowledge in getting the job done in a clean way.
  • RTI Act:-A very important act enacted by the Parliament of India  “to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens“.You can read about more RTI here.It empowers any Citizen of India to aks questions to any Organizations that comes under RTI.If used properly it leads to transparency to all the procedures and provisions of Government.
  • The average age of India is around 25-26 years,So it is a Young India.These young Indians must stand up against the System for the upliftment of this Country,to fight Corruption.India should have youth coming forward and taking responsibilities on the behalf of this country.I believe in every sector there should be youth involvement.Read more about Youth Power here.
  • Salary of Government and PSU Officers must be of market-indexed with their responsibility.This would minimise the ‘need’ for bribes.Their salaries could be benchmarked against corporate sector salaries.But higher salaries should be combined with exemplary punishment,including dismissal from service and a police case if an employee is caught indulging in corrupt practices.
  • Use of Technology:-In this Technology era we are lagging behind taking full advantages of the Technology.First and Foremost there should be a law passed on installing CCTV camera on each and every Government office.Regular Inspections of the CCTV Footage.Today almost everyone use a Mobile Phone,so I urge that when we are going to any Government Office we should always keep our Phones in recording mode or if that facility is not available–call someone who can record all the stuff(be sure that you don’t get caught).
  • Social Media:-Social media is a boon in recent times.Instead of using it for useless work,try to utilise it for making any corruption related news popular.I am sure within no time it will reach to larger mass.Share your views on sites like I Paid a Bribe.
  • Corruption can be reduced by increasing direct contact between government and the governed. In this regard E-Governence can help a lot.It has been implemented carrying out many Government Works but still more needs to be done.

All this for now.I hope this articles help the people of India to gather courage and fight against Corruption.

“The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity—–Frank Serpico”



38 thoughts on “India-Corruption-A Solution Part II

  1. Harsha, it is a good start. you mentioned we need to improve education that is 100 % right. what we are doing is just increasing literacy rate not education and the teachers are not up to the mark. usually in all countries the best ones and scientist are teachers or lecturers. but in India the one who is not getting jobs are being professors. Also the mentality of mug up should change as the lectures cannot understand the students creativity they are forcing them to read/ write like a xerox copy in the book.

    In other words we are creating more clerks or the ones who do job blindly not the one who innovate. without innovation we can never be a developed country. and of the foreign country stop giving work we all just crash as we completely and blindly depending on them.

    if India needs to improve we need to first improve our strength which is Agriculture. It is very sad that our back bone is getting thinner day by day and most of the agriculture land is used for . nature has provided so much wealth in our soils it is sad that we are not being top in Agriculture when countries with poor natural resource is trying harder to agriculture even with rocks.

    if this proceeds for sure we need to Import food and which our people cannot afford.

    take any documentary our history is never told because we our self don’t know. people are celebrating 200 yrs history. i don’t think we educated enough our generation to know our 2000 yrs history

    you mentioned young India that is right we all know the issues only when we all act together and raise our voices it is going to change. we should not stop just by putting our comments in blogs. because we talked enough in this 60 years about corruption. if we are not thinking and taking steps now then for sure India will be next Africa.

    it is sad to say but i don’t see the future of India being next super power. common please look at the growth of china and see how much they made to see the entire world looked back at them. you know US is now kind of afraid for china. eg. when china tried to hack US it just warned china if the same done by India US force will surrounded us.

    think and please lets start take action we should not stop here as we already made enough damage to the country. lets make the difference.

  2. Harsha forget about all the acts India needs a Right to Corruption Act ASAP so that the politicians can make money legally

  3. The post bring out the sense of your commitment to the fight against the greatest menace of the country, corruption. The maturity of the text along with the message of the cartoon will surely enlighten people about the way we should tackle the burning problem. Thanks from a fellow blogger as well as an Indian.

    • Thanks a Lot Kajal for such a supportive comment and encouraging me to do my bit for this country..I really appreciate your comment.. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks a Lot Bushra for sharing your thought.. πŸ™‚
      And yes Like you I am being a young Indian is counting on my fellow young Indians to stand together and make India a better place.. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks a Lot Indrani… πŸ™‚
      But I just so dearly wants these points to get into the minds of young Indians…That’s my main motive.. πŸ™‚

  4. Your points all see the optimistic side of the picture what if everything is used for the right purpose. If individuals change as you mentioned, everything will change harsha, you and I will live in the dream country we wish to.

    But Harsha… there are villains out there just like in movies. No less than those cinematic villains and even worse. We need to be more smarter than them, We need to play heros if you want to win villains. but you cant directly step on and ask anything in india, you will be gone in one or other way. My say was correct about quoting some people.

    Let us sound realist than an optimist harsha, where is Anna hazare now? where is Kiran Bedi now? you knew their popularity and influence they held in the society. Have they turned around the system? It all went for few months for media business. Now they are silent, what happen to 2g case? you know the list better than me i guess.

    So reality is very far from optimism. Hope you sync both as you realize more about practical India. You are dot on the point , when you said everything cannot be done over night, and we are young India. So let us educate them, We group and educate, keep repeating it. Let the old people perish, young generation flourish with good thoughts and prospective ideas. All we need to do is sheild the younger generation from being infected by rest of the corrupt people.

    Your call for being together is our strength. Somewhere we are finding people. Look around you, me, another my say… x y z. We all are for one common purpose. We will do our job well. You are spreading optimistic thoughts, even if we give up sometime, guys like you will bring us back.

    Every kind of people are needed, optimist, realist, pessimist, critic, all needed to build a strong team. BUT YOU KNOW OUR PURPOSE UNITES US SO STRONG. KEEP FIGHTING. THERE WILL BE A MOMENT WAITING FOR US

    • That’s what I am trying to do educated people and develop a sense of responsibility among us…When u say about Anna and Kiran..They were just nothing more than empty utensils that make loud sound of no use..What do you think are they perishing now..No.But Common People are…If we want to make a move we can’t depend on these likes of Anna or Kiran..We the Common people must walk together hand in hand to make the change…and I guess Optimism is what will give us strength to move forward..I know reality is far from my optimism but I am able to believe my Optimism will be real because of the faith I hold..because of people like me,you and others who dream of better India
      And yes Today it’s only me,you and may be 3,4 more but as more young people realize this things we will atleast be one step forward..
      So,Cheers to our Journey..Anyway we have nothing to lose..Do We?

    • Thanks a Lot Jaseema.. πŸ™‚
      And believe me One Day things will surely change in our Country…I am quite Optimistic on that you know.. πŸ™‚

  5. You believe in all this so much…I’m impressed!
    Thanks for this comprehensive ‘to-do’ to make a better India…I like that part where you talk about social media power, a lot of things like scams are being unearthed simply through the common man’s collective voice of protest

    • Thanks a Lot for sharing your comment and appreciating.. πŸ™‚
      And I really believe slowly but surely we will be able change the picture of India… πŸ™‚

      • Will try my best, though i barely manage to write, for an year (Final year at IITD 😦 ). Though any help if you need, you just need to say the word dear.

      • Hmm..No Problem and saying that you are there a word away is very appreciable.. πŸ™‚
        And Good Luck with your studies.. πŸ™‚

  6. with so many sites being put down and posts being asked to be deleted .. it will not be very right to say Social Media is of great help.. remember girls being arrested for FB post on BalaSaheb’s death ..
    recently Modi lovers put a Modi mocking site down and Sallu Mia asked a journalist to delete a blog post on the witness…
    RTI .. RTI is good but not to the extent .. when you become a RTI activist .. be ready to be beaten up or killed .. moreover you cannot ask about Sonia Gandhi’s income and this is all true ..
    While posting… on blogs one needs to be very diplomatic .. life aint that easy .. and worst part is if in case you face legal troubles due to offensive behaviour claimed by any political party or celeb .. nightmares will haunt to death …
    Harsha, your optimistic post … is welcomed and I am in no way demeaning your initiatives but letting you know what I have felt running a blog on politics all these days .. Raising voice against corruption needs a mass movement and a mass awakening is more required .. else movements on the basis of rage will be brought down with strength … remember what happened … to Anna Hazare..!!

    • What you said is correct to most extent…But the reason Social Media,RTI and all other things doesn’t work for us because of our lack in knowledge.Even if People are Knowledgeable they don’t want to get into troubles…Actually we are living a Life of Cowards….And because we fear they take our advantage…
      I created this Blog to represent NE Tourism but I got deviated to Social Issues reason being I want to let the Mass know what is right on our part…
      Any if Somebody offers me legal trouble…I won’t that coward to kneel down before them..
      Mass Movement and Mass Awakening will be there you,me and many more slowly but surely….I believe
      And No Life is easy..if we want to breath free we must ask for it as we don’t get anything for Granted in today’s world

      • Cartoonists are very soft targets – Mind it !! πŸ˜€ remember Aseem Trivedi !! Troubles unlimited.. its important to stand as a team of lakhs lead by a visionary .. but then who promises tere wont be splits like Anna and Kejriwal !
        Once we lead a life as a family person .. these things are easier said than done… they will break you on your weaknesses .. unless you become big enough without coming into their eyes !!

      • That’s What Lets become big Enough without coming into their eyes… !!!
        Aakhir kab tak utt pahar chadegi kabhi na kabhi to niche aayegi hi… πŸ˜›

      • love your optimism !! you are a go getter Harsha and I feel inspired always talking to you .. Hang on always with the fighting spirit you have … stones will turn for your personal and for national benefits too !!

      • Thank You mere Dost.. πŸ™‚
        I always never let my spirits down and always keep fighting spirits… Thanks for the appreciation.. πŸ™‚
        Kyunki Zindagi na Milege Dobara… agar kuch bura ho bhi gaya to atleast I will be satsified.. πŸ™‚

  7. Very thought out post. These solutions seem fine enough, but I really love that one about Young India. If we all would stand up and act instead of being the armchair critic, it would definitely make a difference.

    • Yes indeed it will make the Difference..Because India is no sooner getting old and we must use this Young Energy to the most in minimizing Corruption..
      Thanks for Dropping by.. πŸ™‚

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