Duty of A Responsible Citizen-Some Points

India is a big Country with diversity in Religions,Cultures and Traditions and I believe this makes India stand out  and We Indians can really be proud of this.
But as India is developing it is taken off by many issues from Corruption to Pollution to many more.And on a day to day basis we find many new issues cropping up…But a as Responsible of Citizen of India did we ever tried to do our bit except for shouting at the Government….In most of the case even for a simpler matter we will blame the Government rather than trying to solve the issue and I guess that make the matter more worse…

Nevertheless remember we citizens are the one who are solely responsible for the development of this country and in this post I will share some simple points which I believe is not so difficult to follow in our day to day life..Remember “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
We all are aware of our Fundamental Duties,if not then here it is and Even if we follow these fundamental duties we will surely be doing our bit in making India a Great Country..

So lets look at the points that make us a Good and Responsible Citizen…

  1. Obey Laws and Respect Authority-Don’t break laws and also refrain others for doing so.If not satisfied by any Law use Constitutional means to change the Law.
  2. Civic and Social Duty should be performed-Be aware about the issues affecting the society and provide solutions to them,Vote intelligently and Pay Taxes by proper means and use acts like RTI,RTE for the good of the society.
  3. Keep your surroundings and locality clean,Use Dustbin,Care for Public Property and Other People’s Property.
  4. Be Honest to your Country and Fellow Citizen
  5. Develop a deep sense of Patriotism towards you Country,Respect your Country’s Social and Economic Policies,Always contribute to the Welfare of our Country.
  6. Must be able to teach the Younger Generation to show Respect and Love  towards the Country.
  7. Make your Country Proud when visiting other Nations,Never speak bad about your Country.
  8. Help the Poor and Needy and Provide great Hospitality to both Foreign and Local Tourist.

This is it..and I guess its just simple 8 steps to make our Country a Great One and This not only applies to Indian Citizens but also to Citizens of Other Nations.. :-)

Please share your views and comment if I have missed out anything.. :-).
And lastly a Cartoon Strip for all to enjoy.. :-)

*Click on the image for better view…

Good Citizen

Good Citizen


93 thoughts on “Duty of A Responsible Citizen-Some Points

  1. Thanx a lot Mr. Harsha….. it’s a wonderful article and it really helped me a lot in completing my school assingnment :)

  2. thank you for your beautiful thoughts i will follow all these 8 things that you had told as well as i motivate to other person to follow this thoughts

  3. Wonderful post…. and I believe all these should start from the base…. Values and morals should become the basic compulsory package of a human…. And that should start from small children as they form the next generation’s parents, citizen, government and everything….. So lets kindle all our morals and values and instill in the hearts of children at our home and around us….. It would be a great start !!!!

  4. Superb post! I share your optimism, but I’d like to add a bit of realism.

    You’ve described very well what an ideal citizen should do. However, in my considered opinion, there is a huge gap between the average Indian citizen and the ideal citizen. We cannot expect the average Indian citizen to become an ideal citizen overnight. It’s easy to applaud the points put together by you, but achieving these points needs an immense amount of effort by each one of us, individually and collectively.

    The great thing is we are definitely capable of putting in that effort! Each one of us should start taking small steps towards becoming an ideal citizen, and we should make people around us do the same.

  5. Food for thought!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Few people can feel such things and can understand such issues or obstacles and you are one of them who has deeply understood it…A great article….impressed by the way of your writing Harsha :)

    • To be a responsible Citizen is what I feel we have lost somehow..We are never thinking about our country except only our Profit… :-(
      I hope people develop a better sense of responsibility towards their own Country…

      • true ,as we preach but no one listens and it is a trend to oppose someone who says true as if they are our enemies :(
        this era(21st)should be called”eradicating era”

    • Thank You for Dropping By and Sharing you Views.. :-)
      Indeed you are right if you just be honest I guess everything will fall in its place.. :-)

  6. A good reminder for all Citizens. However, it has been observed that honest and good citizens have 2% chance for survival due to corrupt practices and hence the rules and laws are broken by one and all. In order that the Citizens comply with the rules and regulations, the Law makers and the System should not have any loopholes in the first place.

    • Yes I agree with you on making system with loopholes..But if most of the citizen become Honest and Develop a sense of Social Responsibility I guess loopholes will automatically be out of the system..

  7. If we all follow above-mentioned rules, regulations and laws then we will be one of the best loved nations in the world. For we are and have been renowned for our hospitality since time immemorial. Good post and a doodle.

  8. Great post Harsha! :) I have seen many youngsters who don’t give a rat’s ass about anything related to our country! They don’t do anything,but just blame the system! I am so proud that you came up with this amazing post and it definitely shows your concern for the betterment of our country! :)

    • Thanks a Lot Jaseema for such lovely and encouraging words…and this post is really dedicated to all youngsters of our country..so they at least develop a sense feeling on their part and do whatever they can..and I guess if everyone of us do our bit no matter how small it is India will surely rise.. :-)

    • Thanks a Lot Vijay….and Nation Building needs support you guys keep supporting me,I will keep writing and doing whatever I can from my side.. :-)

      • You have to more than write. You too have to follow what you have written LOL Practice before preaching :D

      • I know Vijay I have to follow…and I am able to write this post because I follow the above points as much as I can…And I always Practice before I Preach.. :-)

      • The beauty about this article is that it makes us think and from thought starts action Harsha. Even if I and you act on it we can make a hell lot of difference :)

      • You are so very right…Today me,you maybe 3-4 more care about all these,tomorrow there will be more..because the more you see something the more you get inclined to it..and I am sure our close ones,our friends who see us doing all these sooner or later they are also bound to join us.. :-)
        And I am very Optimistic about a better India… :-)

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