Some Rare and Endangered Species found In Assam

As I am so in Love with Wild Animals and Coming from a Place like Assam admiring Nature makes much more sense I guess..So When I see the Wild getting depleted day by day I can’t stop myself but think how Humans have become cruel day by day then again I realize we Human now-a-days don’t even care for other Humans and the Question of caring animals doesn’t make any sense…What Say?

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*Captions in the Cartoon Strip has number read accordingly(Suggested By One of my Blogging Friend Nirav)

Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Here I give the list of some Rare and Endangered Wild Animals found exclusively in Assam and Other Parts of North -East India though some are also found in very small quantity in other parts of India…

*Image Courtesy-Google(I had no Camera at that Time.. 😦 )

  1. One Horned Rhino-Being the fifth largest land animal their population has depleted to just 3500 and around 2500 of them is found in Assam.Best Place to see them–Kaziranga National Park.

    One horned Rhino

    One horned Rhino

  2. Bengal Tigers-These Endangered Species is our National Animals though native of Sunderbans in West Bengal,these are largely found in Assam also.Best Place to see them–Manas National Park.

    Bengal Tiger

    Bengal Tiger

  3. Hoolock Gibbon-Generally found in the entire North East India,their main concentration is in Assam.Best Place to see them-Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary.

    Hoolock Gibbon

    Hoolock Gibbon

  4. Gee’s golden Langur-Simply the Golden langur, is an Old World monkey found in a small region of western Assam and in the neighboring foothills of the Black Mountains of Bhutan. It is one of the most endangered primate species of India.Best place to get a Glimpse of them-Umananda Temple,Guwahati

    Golden Langur

    Golden Langur

  5. Pygmy Hog-An endangered species of small wild pig family,the smallest and rarest Pig,it was found in India,Nepal and Bhutan but slowly with time they are now confined only to Assam with a population of around 250.Best place to see them-Manas National Park.Pygmy Hog
  6. Hispid Hare-Commonly Known as Assam Rabbit,these creatures look so cute, a rare and threatened species that lives amid tall grasslands,their population is relatively low.Best Place to see them-Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Hispad Hare

    Hispid Hare

  7. Assam Roofed Turtle-A rare species of Turtles found in Assam .Best Place to see them-Diphlu River,Kaziranga National Park.

    Assam Roofed Turtle

    Assam Roofed Turtle

  8. Rufous-necked Hornbill-A species of Hornbill generally found in North Eastern India.They have become endangered as their numbers are gradually decreasing around 10000 distributed over entire North East India.Best Place to see them-Manas National Park,Assam and Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh.

    Rufous Hornbill

    Rufous Hornbill

  9. White-winged Duck-The Largest species of Duck,generally live in stagnant or slow-flowing natural and artificial wetlands, within or adjacent to evergreen,deciduous or swamp forests,on which it depends for roosting and nesting,usually in tree-holes.Best Place to see them-Nameri National Park,Assam


    White Winged Duck

  10. Bengal Slow Loris-The Bengal slow loris is nocturnal and arboreal, occurring in both evergreen and deciduous forests. It prefers rainforests with dense canopies, and its presence in its native habitat indicates a healthy ecosystem.,It is the only nocturnal primate found in the northeast Indian states-Manas National Park and Kaziranga National Park,Assam.

    Slow Loris

    Slow Loris

So What do you think about these Creatures,aren’t precious enough to be saved…By the Way all the above Species are included in the Endangered List of IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature)


84 thoughts on “Some Rare and Endangered Species found In Assam

  1. Hi,
    I heard of one civet-like animal (or type of small/large Indian civet), but not the JOHAMAL (a civet having the smell of scented JOHA rice) called here in Assam – GERELA or GENDERA (The term GERELA is used for people who eats much & has a big tummy). This animals are heard of using common place of defecating and use to plugg their arsehole so that even in utmost bowl pressure they don’t need to drop excreta & can move to their common place for dropping (dunghill) – that’s why they are locally called HAGA GENDERS (HAGA means stool/defecation).
    Would u please let me know about this animal which, I heard, found only in Assam.

  2. I appreciate your work for spreading awareness about the endangered species of Assam.And as being an Assamese I too would do something for these species.

  3. Dear Mr Harsha,
    I came across this page as I was searching for the rare and endangered plants from the north east. The presentation is quite nice and well worked out. My interest was plants and the potential of tissue culture (TC) technique for multiplication and conservation. My TC method is the only one that even the common unemployed can make use of in their own home if they want. The total cost is also minimal. There is nothing to hide and I keep the photos and other write ups free for the people so that it might reach even through the copy cats.
    so forget about copy cats as they in turn send out the message at large.

  4. These are preceius species pride of the land of Red river and blue hills.To be keep them alive until end of the universe.

  5. great work bro..but these are the only a small part of the beatiful animals and birds found in assam…there are some other species also found which are endangered like asiatic water buffalo, wild horse, clouded leopard, spectacled monkey etc…

  6. Hats off Harsha! Bringing awareness is the first step to save them! Since you are a native of Assam, I have a suggestion for you. It is to start a campaign in link: , I think it would really work! It is the way for we common people to try to bring a change by getting united.

  7. Thank you, Harsha, for bringing this forth and reminding us that we are all interconnected, including the animals. Humankind would do well to learn to respect them and find a way to peacefully co-exist.

    • Thanks a Lot Theresa for dropping by.. 🙂
      And Yes you are absolutely correct we are interconnected and without them I guess we will also not survive in this world

    • Thanks a Lot Sfurti for dropping by.. 🙂
      And I am glad that you liked it and I belive really such wonderful Creatures should not face the danger of Extinction.. 🙂

    • Thanks Sharmishtha for dropping By.. 🙂
      Indeed Assam and the Entire North East is very Beautiful and it’s Natural and Wildlife is something to be conserve and adore… 🙂

  8. When there are a zillion other things,that a young man like you can blog about,I love how you use your posts and doodles for the wellness of something or the other be it the society,animals or our country! Keep inspiring 🙂 More power to you!

    • I am really thankful to Have Blogger Friends like you who encourages me in every step.. 🙂
      And I am sure this Encouragement will lead me to do something good for this Country which I really want to do before I leave this world..
      Thanks A Lot Jaseema.. 🙂

      • Thanks a Lot.. 🙂 and you know “Agar kisi Cheez to ko dil se chaho to puri Kayinat tumhe usse milane ki kosish mein lag jati hai”

        A Dialogue from Om Shanti Om Movie… 🙂

      • Yes you are Right…I don’t care what others think I know deep down my heart that I am doing something Good and will always do that… 🙂
        And that’s so sweet of you for such lovely words.. 🙂

    • Yes Yes Assam jana padega..So I guess now you will surely go to Assam to watch these wonderful Creatures… 🙂
      Thanks for Dropping By.. 🙂

  9. hhaha…liked your cooment above 😉

    I like the way how you bring up national issues in every post. sometimes all we need is a simple reminder…and your doodles does that so well 🙂

  10. I myself have not seen few animals Hoolock Gibbon, Bengal Slow Loris and hog really good post and I hope we all help save this endangered species

    • Indeed they really worth a watch and as I said things are getting better with Locals,Forest Dept.,WWF and WTI putting their effort on saving these wonderful creatures..Hopefully we can save them from getting extinct

  11. The sensitive cartoon with the compassionate text in relation to the threatened denizens of our world of nature shows your sense of responsibility and love. The beautiful pictures accompanying the text make us feel all the more concerned as we love them.

    • Thanks a lot Kajal for these wonderful words.. 🙂
      And Yes we should be concerned for them as they make the Environment without them Humans are just useless I feel…

  12. Wonderful information . But the work of conversation should take place at grass root level and human interference with forest should drastically reduce in all terms including tourism.

  13. Great sketch and great thought behind it!! North East is extremely rich in Wildlife and nature…and it is sad that few rare species is depleting at a high rate evey year. I do feel that few NGOs and trusts are doing commendable work out there, we should do our bit and support them!

    • Thanks a Lot Aditi for dropping by and sharing your Views..
      Things are now somewhat good in North East with NGO’s ,Locals and The Forest Dept. working to save these Creatures.. 🙂

    • Thanks For Dropping by Karan.. 🙂
      and Giving you valuable views..and I am sure with people like us..we are sure going to save them for future.. 🙂

    • Indeed we must try and try our best to save them else they will be matter of past…and will surely make our world void..
      thanks for Dropping by and Appreciating.. 🙂

  14. Wow… Nice post again. Your post reminds me of one thing – “basudheiva kutumbakam” . If we follow this, then I am sure we will not worry about these things.

    • Thanks a Lot Dear Friend.. 🙂
      But I am afraid we Humans will seldom follow that…We don’t even bother to respect Humanity and talking about animals if far from the subject.. 😦
      You Know we are creating pit holes for ourself,just wait and see how we fall…

  15. It’s true Harsha. Animals are facing extinction and our government is doing nothing against it 😦

    You collected these much information and presented it in a well organized manner. I like it 🙂

  16. this is was truely not known to me man !! Hispid Hare the Roofed Turtle .. Golden Langoors .. man I got to see them before they perish like dodos .. Indian govt is least bothered about Indian poor going extinct .. what they will bother about these poor animals ..

    • Nitesh Mere Bhai I will take you to Assam.. 🙂
      And Yes Government is least bothered about the people and animals are out of Question… 😦
      But You Know Things are somewhat getting better in Assam with Locals understanding their Importance and doing their best in preserving them..

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