Shadowing the Shot

Some Random Shots at Some Random Nights…Basically the Nights at this time in Bangalore is pretty relaxed and Our Friends group usually Go out to have Tea around Midnight.

It is really Fun time at Night and So this time I took my Camera with me….and took these snaps..
Looking at the Shadow through the Camera Lens… πŸ™‚
Do Leave your Comment on this….:-)

Shooting The Shadow

Shooting The Shadow

A Shadow and The Dogs

A Shadow and The Dogs

So What is You All think of these shots…I mean Shadow Shots…

77 thoughts on “Shadowing the Shot

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  2. Hay your shadow is like the shadow of Alladin,, I guess due to the dress you are wearing πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ Btw, these are nice shots, and the dogs are enjoying the photography πŸ˜€

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