Martry’s Day-Even Extremist Celebrate It

The Other Day there was a Blast in Assam and in a week it was the 7th Blast,though it has become a regular business in Assam and No One seems to give a Damn..and Guess what The Extremist Group of Assam “ULFA” has taken the responsibility for the blast…and they are also responsible for all the other blast that happens every now and then in Assam….

The Blast is a warning to Citizen as Independence Day is approaching and if we go by reports the Blast came off just after the Martyr’s Day of ULFA…So that mean’s The Blast was a way to celebrate Martyr’s Day..I mean their Martyr’s Day I guess..

So,It made me think that even other Extremist Group of India also Celebrate Martyr’s Day..though I have no Data on that but Someday I am sure there will be National Holiday for Martyr’s Day of Extremist as we all know their demand is Increasing Day by Day so who knows they may demand a national Holiday on their name and for this I guess they will use all the Right and Privilege of being an Indian Citizen

So What do you Say…Martyr’s Day for Extremist,Does it make sense?

Martyr's Day

Martyr’s Day

18 thoughts on “Martry’s Day-Even Extremist Celebrate It

  1. to hell with the extremists who are bought by politics now .. to be used as and when required .. the base of all problems is .. spiritual degradation of thoughts of human beings .. do these terror outfits .. deserve to call themselves freedom fighters ?They are just like the Maos .. kept alive and kicking because the politicians wants so and the govt is not keen to abolish them ..
    Punjab Militancy is history .. how ? govt had made sure they will abolish this .. because they killed Indira .. LTTE got abolished because it killed Rajiv ( India gave no help to LTTE which many argue was promoted by India) .. when it falls on them directly they .. become ferocious like American on Taliban And Al Kaida !!

    • They will never be abolished as you said the right thing..The Govt. is their supreme and using them whenever they need them and in case it turn against them they will abolish them…

    • It is indeed very Sad Arun and the Best part is They had number of Peace talk with Assam Govt. But I wonder what do they discuss But I guess it even Govt. is involved in it,as we all know Politicians can go down to any level

  2. Nice Harsha btw I have one question for you. Maybe you could post a article about what ULFA wants from New Delhi. This question has perplexed me for ages.

  3. Sad but true. One thing I don’t understand why most of such incidents take place only during election season!

    • Yes it is very Sad…They don’t care for Common People and Make demands and say all this is for the Welfare of the Citizen..
      And We all Know these extremist and the Govt. are so involved in this…Two sides of the same coin.. 😦

  4. Very sad development. I think there was a blast last night again in Guwahati. Our Govt. is now only concerned about how to garner votes. Hence the extremists might become a vote bank and as you suggested there could be an extremists martyrs day in the offing. Shudder to imagine where we are heading.

    • Indeed Yes Deepak..Sad State of Affairs by our Govt.,not any more concerned about the citizen and I guess they more care about the extremist now..
      Thanks fo r Dropping By..

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