2 Min Special Dish-In Case your Cook doesn’t show up

This post in no means a guide to prepare a dish instead it is again a Husband-Wife tale,I guess I am now coming up with more Husband-Wife witty tale so I think I need a category for them as well.. 😛

This post was inspired from a comment by Swati,the owner of the blog njoyeverymoment and I am thankful to her for allowing me to make it into a Cartoon Strip,I hope She likes the strip and hope that it brings a smile on her face.. 🙂

So Enjoy the Strip.. 🙂
*Click on the Image for Better View

Husband Wife and 2 Min

Husband Wife and 2 Min

So,I guess by now everyone knows the 2 minutes special dish.. 😛


27 thoughts on “2 Min Special Dish-In Case your Cook doesn’t show up

  1. hahahah …thank you so much for the cartoon strip ,I showed my husband 😉 he loves it and is saying …. mere dil ki baat likh dali 😛 😛

    Though he has got tired of sleeping empty stomach so 2 min maggi has become is fav dish now 😛 😛 😛

    • All Pleasure is Mine and I am so Glad both U and Ur Husband loved it.. 🙂
      Hahahah..Aur nahi to kya karega..U know Something is always better than Nothing.. 😛

  2. I am a die hard maggi fan, have made my hubby eat it many times, my kids love it but had a good laugh watching the comic strip, and trust me it takes only two minutes and is the best option when you don’t have help around.

  3. Ha ha ha ! this was a funny cartoon despite the fact that I love the two min noodles lol Eat them always when there is nothing to eat in my home 😉 I know many people hate it 😛 Lovely cartoon !!

    • Thanks a Lot for liking the Cartoon and I am happy that it made you laugh.. 🙂
      Even though I also run to them when there is nothing to eat….:-P

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