Portal For Public Grievances-A System that Works

I am not sure how many of us heard about the Public Grievances services offered by Government of India and is brought to us by Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances.

So What this Portal Means–As per the portal site for Public Grievances mention it–“The Department of Administrative Reforms And Public Grievances is the nodal agency to formulate policy guidelines for citizen-centric governance in the country. Redress of citizens’ grievances ,being one of the most important initiatives of the department,DAR&PG formulates public grievance redress mechanisms for effective and timely redress / settlement of citizens’ grievances. “


And as per Wikipedia it goes like this—The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances is to facilitate the pursuit of excellence in governance through promotion of:

  • Improvements in Government structures and processes.
  • Citizen-friendly initiatives including redressal of public grievances.
  • Documentation, incubation and dissemination of best practices.
  • Codification and simplification of procedures.
  • Networking with various agencies.

In short this is the nodal agency which look into the Grievances of Indian Citizen,but for this an Indian Citizen must lodge their Grievances with them and they have a very neat way for the Citizen to lodge the Grievances.

You can–Lodge Your Grievances,Put a reminder or Ask for Clarification on your past Grievances and Even check the status of your Grievances.

Now you all must be thinking why I am saying these things–Actually I had lodged a Grievance with this agency and to my surprise the Grievance was addressed  and they even responded to it…When I saw their response I was just unable to believe that some system in Indian Government actually works though I lodged my Grievance on January 2013 and was replied on August 2013–after 7 months but still I was happy that it was address because as we all know it is India and process here takes hell lot of time…

So,I thought of highlighting this and make the common people aware of the facility….So,if you have any Grievances please don’t hesitate to lodge it afterall it is our right to ask the Government to look into our Grievances…But I really can’t guarantee the time frame it will need to get addressed… 😛

Now here is the response I received from the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public GrievancesGrievance Status(The Response)

24 thoughts on “Portal For Public Grievances-A System that Works

  1. Am glad you highlighted their good work. Wonder if there are such cells for other parts of the country too. Having them online makes it so easy. We can dispense with the touts, the jumping of queues, the hours of waiting, the poorly lit, hot and humid waiting rooms, fans that are not switched on or not working, the extremely dirty toilet facilities, the arrogant attitude of the babus, the bribes.

    • I expected and I got the result..I have also attached the response I got from them..
      The point here is if more and more people use such rights then I am sure Govt. will bend to provide the solution,it is because we don’t care so they don’t bother…

    • Indeed we the citizens don’t even bother to know about our Rights and we keep on hammering the Govt.
      If we don’t care so why the Govt. will bother

  2. Harsha I have know about this portal but sadly like so many of well intended schemes this is also lying in the dustbin

    • Yes Because we never come forward and use such schemes…and that is the sad fact that’s why Government is taking us for a ride because they know we don’t care or we don’t stand for our right..

    • i second Vijay Ji … even I knew about this admitting that I learnt a lot more reading you but I doubt if this fulfills what the dept is being made for .. or may be intentionally such depts are not highlighted to the general janta !
      Nice attempt Harsha .. I am glad to see your sincerity towards change .. appreciate your efforts !

      • The Dept. we the citizen select while lodging the grievances and it is forwarded to the concerned dept and even we can remind them of our grievances…

        The Portal was made to use but we Indians always think that we can’t do anything so we are perishing..If more and more number of people are conscious about their rights then I am sure Govt. will bend to address them

      • that is the rightest thought Harsha Ji !! Well I think I was being the same old Aam Aadmi who takes for granted Govt nahi sunega .. I think you are right … the more we penetrate inside the more flexible and operative it will become Harsha Sir !!
        Till it becomes as good as RTI and the netas come up in public to defend their wrong doings !!
        Very right approach Young Blood !! I second you now .. Vijay Ji .. u are old school .. 😀 join us !!

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