Famous Places to see in Mysore

Mysore know as the Sandalwood City is located at a distance of around 145 km from Bangalore and is a great place to spend your weekend at-least that’s what  I did.A City full of Historical Places,Colorful Festival like Dussehra and is also famous for Mysore Silk.

The third largest city of Karnataka and its main industry is tourism.
Here are the some of the Famous Places in Mysore that I captured and they are worth a visit.. 🙂

*Please click on the image for better view

  • Mysore Palace:-The Official Residence of the Royals of The Mysore Wodeyars.Mysore palace is now one of the most famous tourist attractions in India after Taj Mahal.The architecture of the place is a delight to watch and it look best on Sunday and Public Holidays when the Palace is illuminated with around 96,000 lights.Photography is not allowed inside the Palace(But some people still don’t get that and click pictures using Mobile Phones,as Cameras are not allowed inside and I guess that is not right).

    Mysore Palace

    Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

  • St. Philomena’s Church:-A Gothic style church built in 1956 and is one of the largest church in India and is around 175 ft tall.The illuminated church in the evening is a wonderful site not to be missed.It is no longer just a religious place but has become a major tourist attraction in Mysore. Even here also Photography is not allowed inside the Church but again some people just can’t go by the rules….

    St. Philomena's Church (Front)

    St. Philomena’s Church (Front)

St. Philomena's Church (Side View)

St. Philomena’s Church (Side View)

Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple

Statue of Mahishasur

Statue of Mahishasur

Statue of Nandi(The Bull)

Statue of Nandi(The Bull)

  • Brindavan Garden:-My Personal Favorite,lies adjoining the Krishnarajasagara dam which is built across the river Kaveri. Located at a distance of around 25kms from Mysore city,The garden is enriched with innumerable fountains decorated with colored lighting. The illuminated running waters and fountains with changing colors of lights is an event that the tourists can look forward to in the evenings.Brindavan Garden


    Brindavan Garden

    Brindavan Garden

    And here is the top view of Mysore City from Chamundi Hills–The View of Race Course and The Lalita Mahal

    Top View of Mysore

    Top View of Mysore

    I have only mentioned the famous Places in Mysore but there is lot more to see and enjoy in Mysore,So for spending quality time in your weekends head towards Mysore and moreover Ooty is just 2 hours drive from Mysore… :



88 thoughts on “Famous Places to see in Mysore

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  2. You reminded me of a trip 3 years ago The Mysore palace is breathtakingly beautiful. I have a video of that dancing garden fountain with colourful lights:)
    Thanks for this post but you’ve also made me a little sad…I only had one holiday to Haldia and Calcutta after that…do so much want to travel more Indian cities

  3. All of them are lovely places. I have been to Mysore and further to Nagarahole National Park on a cycle expedition. These monuments were built without CAD and Computers.

    • The reason Photography is not allowed because they don’t want them to appear anywhere and I guess want to keep the inner architecture and things a mystery.. 🙂

      • I guess people always find a way to solve that mystery 😀 As the view from the outside is pretty much awesome too, one can adjust on most occasions 😉

      • Yep you know we are Indians so solutions is always there.. 😛
        They don’t let camera inside so most of the people click using there phones and believe me I literally stopped two people from clicking pictures inside using there phones when I visited the Palace..

  4. I have visited all these places except that temple! Lovely Places indeed! Did you visit the Tipu Sultan mazaar? It’s lovely too!…..and the KRS Dam is one of its kind! 😀

  5. when i was in Bangalore. i visited Mysoire once. went to the palace, and i cant deny its grandness. beautiful palace it is. musical fountain at brindavan is a treat to watch.didnt see the church and the temple though..may be next time 🙂

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