Fuel Price,Indian Politicians and CommonMan

With the midst of rising the Petrol Prices and the proposal of curfew hours for filling stations to slash consumption by the petroleum minister Veerappa Moily,he had to withdraw the proposal amidst loud protest..So,TOI scanned through the Delhi Govt. officials fuel allotment i.e. how much they can use per month without paying any fuel charges..Check out this article.

The fact is Delhi CM and her 6 minister gets 700 ltrs and other ministers and officials gets around 400 ltrs to 200 ltrs monthly as per the article.And look how politely Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said “These entitlements are enough and if they use more they have to spends from their pocket”…She appears so humble.. 😛

Instead of providing free fuels I guess govt should start the Bus Pooling facility from every ministers house to their Offices at least that will save lots of fuels..

Now the politicians are getting so much of facilities and common man is dying like anything out of inflation….This is our Developing India 😦

My Interpretation on this..Check it out.. 🙂

*Please click on the image for better view.. 🙂
Fuel,Comman Man and Ministers

Fuel,Comman Man and Ministers


52 thoughts on “Fuel Price,Indian Politicians and CommonMan

  1. Harsha,

    it is sad that our tax money is getting wasted and we are not raising our voice. we need a good leader to fight against this criminals. i wish Netaji is with us now to remove these weeds from out country.

    I agree with you there should be a calculation and limit allowance for these politicians.

    Also, oil is an global problem. one day there will be an end to natural resource as we are using it enormously. we need to innovate to find alternative like bio diesel or fusion cars which run on petrol and electric

    It is sad that Ramar pillai came up with an idea to get petrol from plant long back. it may not be fully right but he started. At least government/ private org must funded something to innovate instead they put him in jail as cheat.

    Now lot of countries are in research for petrol alternative. any one know any innovation like that is going in India ?????

  2. Nice Harsha, life goes in full circles and the days are not far when we will again ride horses and donkeys 🙂
    btw sorry could visit your blogs earliers

  3. It has been long since I last talked to you. Or so it seems 🙂
    Anyways, the image is wonderful. and the post is well, thought-provoking. The rich get richer everywhere and however wrong be it, we can all do not much .

    • Yes It’s been a long time I guess.. 🙂 Good to see you I mean hear from you.. 🙂
      And yes the rich gets richer everywhere because the one below them never tries to stand for right because of the fear that they would be crushed,fear is the thing that is holding us back..Once we overcome it we become more responsible and stand for the right.. 🙂

      • Standing up and overcoming fear isn’t so easy. Those in less power are easily crushed by those in control. Weak humans have become no less than tools to be used, by our politicians, our rulers and our systems.. 😦

      • That is because we fear them,we don’t like to know things that we need to know…In a Democracy it is the people–But generally we see democracy as a autocracy and we never follow our duty and responsibility properly..I mean who does,everyone is busy about their own life..literally no one has time for their nation,no one feel obliged to their Nation and that is the sole strength of our Politician..

      • Yes we take them as our other tool to give excuses and this excuses lead to our Downfall–I mean the common man perishes with their own deed.. 😦

    • Yes that is a pretty good idea…and Moreover if general People can go for Car Pooling why these Politicians can’t do that anyway they are doing nothing good that are worth of free fuel..

    • Hmmm Sad to hear that…But be optimistic at least there will be no tears in your eyes as you won’t have any to chop.. 😉
      In Bangalore I guess it is 59 to 65 per kg

  4. I’ve heard that some countries in Europe are now banning cars on the road during certain hours. During these hours, you can commute only on bicycles. In those countries, it’s being done to reduce pollution. In India, we might have to do the same out of majboori! Mera bharat mahaan 😛

    • Indeed it has become utmost necessary,using of public transport,Car Pooling should be made mandatory not only for Common People but also for the Ministers..

  5. Even democracy is an autocracy but hidden …. the Kings and the Knights are chosen by us … the only difference.. now they have all the rights to get gold for free which costs us life 🙂
    Right message .. Harsha Sir … 🙂

    • Indeed Nitesh Bhai..Democracy is an Autocracy now because Indian Citizens never take any matter seriously never do they try anything out of responsibility or duty…

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