Accidental Capture..

The Following Capture is of the One and Only our very own “The Calm Moon” but in a different way..:)

As always I was in my Terrace after dinner and thought of capturing the Moon again but the twist is this time I got the Capture in a unique way,though it was not intentional but still I will take the full credit and a pat on my back..๐Ÿ˜›
So without writing much let’s go ahead and see what I captured,and I am giving the a capture the name–“Accidental Capture-The Heart Moon”.

So,if you had ever wondered how the moon would look like if it was in the shape of a heart,then well see for yourself..:)

*Please Click on the Image for Better View…

The Heart Moon

The Heart Shaped Moon

Now what I am hoping is to get a call from ISRO or NASA asking me on–What Technique I used to ย capture the Moon this way..๐Ÿ˜›

80 thoughts on “Accidental Capture..

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    • Thank You Shakti..:)
      It is 100% real Moon not Photoshopped..I am not so expert with photoshop and while I was taking the Pic my camera shook and hence the result..:)

  2. Yes it could be accidental, but i guess many people have already been given that heart. I’ve also posted one a few months back. I wanted to say that someone out there is giving the heart for me, and i accepted wholeheartedly. From then on i keep on shooting it for a serendipitous replicate, but it hasn’t happened yet, maybe the shake of the handheld camera is difficult to do.

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