Voters Right to Reject all Candidates–Landmark Judgement By SC

On Friday one of the landmark judgement by SC powered the Voters with the Right to reject all the candidates mentioned in the Ballot Machine(Electronic Voting Machine)…I must appreciate SC for some the recent Landmark Judgement but this one is above all…Kudos to SC.. πŸ˜€

Now What the Right is all about–Read On

Supreme Court-The Highest Judicial Forum and Final CourtΒ of Appeal in India on Friday in a landmark judgement for the first time provided the option of casting a negative vote to the Voters if they find no suitable candidates.

In a democracy like India such judgement and right is very much appreciated especially at the current moment when Politics is full of Corrupted Politicians.A much appreciated judgement before the General Elections in 2014.

Supreme Court has asked the Election Commission to provide the option of “None of the Above “(NOTA) at the end of the list of the Candidate’s in Electronic Voting Machine(EVM’s).

SC said–“If right to vote is statutory right, right to reject candidate is fundamental right of speech and expression under Constitution”.

With these Power the citizens will be able to do much more justice to their votes and I believe will use this Right in for the betterment of India.

Please share the news as much as possible as everyone should know about this right.. πŸ™‚
And here is the Highlights of the Judgement passed as appeared on Times of India

33 thoughts on “Voters Right to Reject all Candidates–Landmark Judgement By SC

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  7. I am surprised that this would even be an issue. Of course I must be able to reject candidates AT the ballot ‘box’. And it must have consequences: if counting were done right (don’t know if that was also part of the judgment) THEN if, say, 50% voted NOTA, then only HALF the candidates should get a seat in whatever diet or office.

    • Indeed it is an issue in India,being the largest democracy we got many issues…For the Time being SC has only ordered the Election Commission to provide “NOTA” in EVM’s but no light has been thrown to the fact that if NOTA vote out number the vote being casted will there be Re-Election or Not

    • Indeed Vijay Bro..But still there are many issue associated with this that needed to be addressed…And the Anti-Criminal Ordinance after Ruhal’s remark is somewhat out of the way now..

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