Wind-Farms–Some Captures…

Wind Farms-The major source of generation of electricity of about 1500 MW, which is about 20% of that of India ,And these Wind-Farms are found in and around Kanyakumari…And they look very lovley

On my way to Kanyakumari I saw many Wind-Farms and there is a place called Aralvaimozhi (also spelt Aralvoimozhi) ,a small settlement in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.
Aralvaimozhi have the largest wind farms in the world. These wind farms generates about 450 MW of electricity.

Enjoy Some of the Captures I took..

*Please Click on the images for better view and Please bear with the quality as they were taken from Moving Bus…

Wind-Farms 1

Wind-Farms 1

Wind-Turbines are efficient and clean means to generate energy.

Wind-Farms 2

Wind-Farms 2

Generating 1500 MW of electricity,in clean and green way and installations of Wind-turbines in these areas also has risen the employment opportunity

Wind-Farms 3

Wind-Farms 3

The largest wind mill farms in the country are at Muppandal in Kanyakumari district. These farms can be seen when you travel from Kanyakumari to Thirunelveli.

Wind-Farms 4

Wind-Farms 4

The wind speed at this place is 20-25 km and available throughout the year.And it is peak during  July-August when the wind energy is expected to be higher and last normally till October every year.


28 thoughts on “Wind-Farms–Some Captures…

  1. Its thanks to these villages and the windmills that Tamil Nadu is power-cut free today. There were horrible times when in peak winters we would have two hours power shut down in Chennai and more than 12 hours shut down in other areas. Going green is good for earth, for us and its nice to hear about the employment opportunity as well.

    • These wind-mills are built on barren lands near mountains with rocks and moreover these wind-mills are providing employment to locals over their,So I guess it is a win-win situation for everyone.. 🙂

    • The Wind Mills are of Dalmia Group.. 🙂
      And Wind Mills really have many important usages,eco-friendly and moreover providing employment in these rural areas..

      Thanks fro Dropping by Bhavikk.. 🙂

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