Random Captures–At Leisure

Have you ever seen Local Beach Soccer Match in India?Well I haven’t until I visited this beach in Kerala….And here is the Glimpse..I was very interested to join those Guys but unfortunately I couldn’t so I captured them.. πŸ˜€

Local Beach Soccer

Local Beach Soccer

Now How about Rainbows?We see them basically when it is raining like one-two drops with the Sun shining—Generally the Prism Effect(Remembering my Class 12th Physics Experiment.. :D)
Here is Two Capture of Rainbow…Though they are not so perfect reason being my Camera is just a Point and Shoot one,but I am satisfied until I get my DSLR.. πŸ˜‰

Above my Terrace

Above my Terrace

The Above Pic was taken from my Terrace…Doesn’t it look good?

Hogenakkal Waterfall

Hogenakkal Waterfall

This one is taken at Hogenakkal Waterfalls–The Rainbow effect is created by the splashing Waterdrops,Nature is always a delight to Watch.. πŸ™‚

And a Consolation Capture–This Was take while we were returning form Hogenakkal,It was raining a bit and I tired to Capture the Raindrops on the Window Pane,Everything went pretty well except there were very less number of Raindrops.. πŸ˜›

Raindrops on Window Pane

Raindrops on Window Pane

Hope everyone enjoyed my Random Clicks.. πŸ˜€


55 thoughts on “Random Captures–At Leisure

  1. We humans seem to be drawn to water, again and again. Beautiful shots, Harsha; I especially like the waterfall. I hope to catch up now that I am back from vacation. Greetings to you!

      • It was more exercise than I wanted, but we circumnavigated Sicily, ate seafood, visited old ruins and cathedrals – very nice trip. More stories and photos in the coming weeks. But first, I wanted to stop in at some of my favorite blogs…

    • Indeed my Leisure time was well spend.
      And Yes Rainbows are once in a while affair,so struggle is ought to be there..But I am sure will get some.. πŸ˜€

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