Seer,Indian Government and Gold

So,almost for past few days everyone in India must have heard about the Gold Excavation that going on in full Swing at Unnao in UP..Now from Where did the Government came to know about the Hidden Treasure beneath a Fort..Well as we all know in India Spiritual Gurus holds a special Status Quo,for example take the case of Asaram Bapu(who is currently in jail though :-P)..Now in this case another Seer named “Shobhan Sarkar” claimed to have dreamt of 1000Β tonnes of gold is buried in the remains of the fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh in Daundiya Kheda village of Unnao district in Uttar Pradesh and it that was not enough he furhter dreamt ofΒ 2,500 tonnes of Gold buried in an ancient temple at Adampur village, around 200km away in the district of Fatehpur…

And Surprisingly he was also able to convince the Government about this and persuaded them to dig both the Places..So now the status is Gold Excavation is at full Swing and making a Mockery of India out of all these…

I can understand that spiritual gurus are uneducated,so they dream such things but How can ASI(Archaeological Survey of India) that is full of educated lot can believe in such facts and destroy the Archaeological Sites that they were suppose to preserve…Really pathetic Government we have and with this kind of Government,Seer’s India is only bound to get mocked and nothing else..

A simple thought to The Indian Government–The Gold if it really exist is in India only but What about all the Black Money that you guys have earned by fooling Indians,The trick is good to deviate Indians from the main issue but such things will simply destroy India’s Rich Cultural and Traditional Heritage and will make India a laughing stock…Indian Government–If you can’t do anything good you don’t have the Right to do the worse..

And a Strip to our Unfaithful Government of India….

Seer and Gold

Seer and Gold

53 thoughts on “Seer,Indian Government and Gold

  1. [ Smiles ] No offense, but I believe that there is lots of undiscovered gold in India; enough to elevate the wealth status of every Indian citizen.

    • There is no offense Renard..There maybe tonnes of Gold underneath but that doesn’t mean that the Govt. of India will go on digging every inch of India destroying its rich History..
      And on top of that if somehow Gold is discovered it will be of no help to common Indians as everything will be digested by the Corrupt Bureaucrats

  2. Following any religious leader, seer, star etc etc is like a plague in our country. There is no thinking or logic involved, all it takes is listen to something and we will follow it blindly. The world maybe laughing at us but it hardly matters as we are ready to become mockery but are not ready to work hard and earn the respect of other countries. Gold is so important to all of us but I guess its for all the wrong reasons.

  3. Not the first time when the Indians are guided by emotions while taking crucial decisions. Is there any space of being logical? I feel like to sue them all. :/ :p

  4. No matter how much the ASI says that this excavation is not due to the seers dream, this is really bullshit. Spending tax payers money on a deep fish hunting in shallow waters. I wonder if we really are going to make any progress. India was ruled by millions of Kings over century so I think every square inch of India should be filled with gold πŸ™‚

  5. Any one can dream – fundamental right :), but did not understand how ASI and the Congress is believing the dream 😦

    Seriously ASI should stop using all high end technologies and ask seers to sleep for dreams!! – at-least some saving of rupees!!!

  6. Are we seeing shades of the Gold Rush which happened in the US a century back? I suppose we would soon see the emergence of our very own Charlie Chaplin who would make a blockbuster movie based on the goings-on. And that is how Gold would be made I suppose πŸ™‚

  7. This was indeed ridiculous!!!
    Buried gold treasures have been excavated in other parts of world in recent past… but that was based on scientific evidence, with proper type metal detections… never repeat NEVER based on somebody’s dreams.

  8. This Gold news is shining like gold everywhere and i really laughed when I came to know that a seer dreamt of it. But i would say “It can happen only in India”. πŸ™‚

      • I am a true Indian and India is incredible in many ways..NO DOUBT on that, and we Indians are good followers, religious, traditional, spiritual and thus sometime give more weightage to seer.
        A more important role was required by ASI(Archaeological Survey of India).

      • Indeed..What the Seer did on his part is negligible comparing the act by ASI and The Indian Government..The way they handled this was out of tune and top of it even SC refused to intervene…And thus making India a laughing Stock…An useless and baseless dream by an Seer was given so much importance over our Culture,History and Tradition is just unacceptable…But the Govt. is happy doing that as because they have nothing to loose…

      • The ASI and The indian government should have collected the proper evidences to go for this digging process, they handled it badly and result we all can see.. Falling in dark lime lite.

      • And the Funnier part is now ASI says they had the knowledge of hidden treasure,but if it is so why did waited for the Seer to dream of it and inform them…
        As I said some mindless guys are holding the Position they don’t deserve..

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