Statue of Unity–The Largest and Tallest Statue in World

How does it feel to have The World Tallest Statue in India?Ya you heard me right The Tallest Statue of World will soon be in India… πŸ™‚

Surprised, Well Well let me tell you–The World’s Tallest Statue of the world will be known as “The Statue of Unity” which will be the Statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai PatelΒ and will be built at Sadhu Bet facing the Narmada Dam in Gujarat…

The Proposed height of The Statute is 182m higher than The Current World’s Tallest Statue-TheΒ SpringΒ TempleΒ BuddhaΒ which is 153m.Check out World’s Tallest Statue for more information

As per the information the construction of this massive Structure will take around 56 months which is four and half years approx,and once completed will be known as I said The Tallest Statue in World.And will cost aroundΒ Rs. 2500 crores.The monument will be a Public-Private Partnership with most of contribution from Public.
The Foundation Stone for The Statue is to be laid by Gujarat Chief Minister Mr.Narendra Modi on 31st October 2013 and which he says as his dream project.
This statue will be a gratitude towards the Ironman of India “Sardar Vallabhai Patel” and will help to boost tourism not only in Gujarat but also in India.

For More Information on the Statute and its progress..Visit–Statue of Unity.

With the marvel coming up in the future I wonder if this will make it to the 7 wonders of the World..

Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

*Image Credit–Google

And Here is a Video on “The Statue of Unity”

And Here is English Version Video on Β “The Statue of Unity”

38 thoughts on “Statue of Unity–The Largest and Tallest Statue in World

  1. I have a friend that recently moved to India, forwarding this to her to see if she’s heard the news yet? Interesting read though….Just wanted to thank you for following my blog, which ultimately led me to your site. Hope you have a lovely weekend

  2. With due respect to the great leader, I still think we do not need a tallest statue to say that he is the person of unity. May be we could have channelize the resources to build his dream India – united India: dil se…

  3. With due respect to the exceptional work done by Sardar Patel and the respect being paid to him, I feel making a statue is no achievement. Why do we Indians feel pride in making temples or statues only, instead of a hospital or charitable trust for the needy…We have so many roads and statues already. Making another of this sort will not add to the progressive development anyway. (This was my personal opinion, no harsh feelings or mean to disrespect Sardar Patel)…The hype is about the tallest statue..which will remain for few days and then nobody will care. So much infrastructure and labor just for a statue!

  4. I totally admire Sardar patel for what he did to our princely states after Independence. But I see MODI ALL THE WAY here !!
    NaMo should try to improve the HDI indicators of Gujarath first especially the marginalised ones and bring in some unity in Gujarath !
    Then he can start this project may be ! He must learn to prioritize !
    THE STATUE OF UNITY coming up in a HIGHLY POLARISED GUJARATH is the greatest ironies of our times !!

    Interestng piece of information !!

  5. No doubt that Mr. Modi is a masterful salesman as shown by the commercials of Breathe a Bit of Gujarat. He has done so much good work in Gujarat and wants the tourists to come. Mr. Patel seems like a positive role model for India and the world. I am happy for Gujarat and wish I could vote for NaMo for PM!

  6. OMG…. This is something… I’ve seen pictures of Spring Temple Buddha and it gives me the creeps… coz of it’s sheer size…phew…
    and then “this”…
    good that it is in india… can visit it… hope it gets completed on time (or before)…

  7. Had read this in the newspaper, Harsha!
    So nice you shared this with all here! Incredible India will become yet another monument richer! This time with a record-making one! πŸ™‚

  8. Would love to see that soon Harsha.. Looking at our present scenario I’m a bit doubtful we will soon have that..At least i hope if i could not see during my life time i hope my kids might see it πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha..I guess since the Project is Under Narendra Modi it will be completed on time.. πŸ˜€
      And Even I waiting eagerly for this Marvel to get completed as quickly as possible… πŸ˜€

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