What The Stick Man Say about Fear?

Well,the Other Day I was trying to create Stick Figures..And I did manage to create them..But the end result was not what I had in my mind…But then I loved what I created since I was doing it for the first time…But the Story I have in my mind is due till I get good hold of these Stick Figures,You Know they are Stick Figures so they tend to move pretty fast and I guess I need to have good hold on them to make the story.. πŸ˜€

But for the Time Being This is what I ended up doing,I created the Stick Figure and added and icon of Mountain Dew..I guess you can make out what I am trying to say with the Stick Man… πŸ˜€

Drink Mountain Dew

Drink Mountain Dew

The Stick Man above drinks Mountain Dew and say to Himself “Kyunki Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai ” which translate to “Beyond Fear is Triumph“.. 😎

This post is in no way to promote Mountain Dew or to Motivate someone to Jump off a Cliff.. ;)This is just to show that Fear is Just a Sate of Mind and Nothing Else,by our will we can overcome fear.. πŸ˜€

P.S.–This was not the story I had in Mind but somehow I ended with this one,Will Soon make a Post on the Story I have in mind once I get good hold of these figures.. πŸ˜€


28 thoughts on “What The Stick Man Say about Fear?

  1. Harsha, I cant imagine a stick man saying that and motivating me…But the words “Darr k aagey jeet hai” were on my lips when I was standing atop 20 feet cliff in Rishikesh to dive into the water…And I could not….

    • You Should Have Shilpi..I believe fear is a state of mind and if we can convince that to ourselves we are god to go..Even I have fear of Heights but when need arises I never let that fear make me stand still.. πŸ˜€

      I really have overcome some fears going beyond it.. πŸ˜€
      And the Stick Man is just a illustrations of what we should think and do.. πŸ˜€

  2. Harsha, I can’t draw at all including stick figures! So, I’m very impressed by The Stick Man – a true work of art to me! Standing next to a cliff on all of that caffiene could be a bit dicey though πŸ˜‰

  3. Harsha – when I have students make stick figures (which we use as the underdrawing and for getting a feel for more advanced stuck figures) but if you remember to make elbows and knees – it will give your body more proportion. Also, for some reason – everyone likes to make stick figures with really short arms – so I have kids stand up and let their arms drop to their sides – and most are shocked to see their hands reach their mid thighs.
    Also, a fun lesson is the ball and line stick figure – elbows, knees, feet, and hands all get a ball – and the lines fall into place.
    – oh and if you want to get into shoulders – men usually have broader shoulders – and women usually have broader hips – so your lines for those areas could show that. My point? Stick figures are often overlooked as fun sources of future art – and cheers to you for this creative endeavor – even though mountain dew? ugh – now- come on man! ha ha

  4. The problem is we all are ready to look at what we fear, think about it, make it bigger but are never ready to face it. Your stick man has taught all of us one of the most essential lessons in life and that is face your fears after that the outcome is regardless as you would have already won.

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