Weekly Photo Challenge–Habit–Hanging Out

Habit–It usually refers to something that we do on day-to-day basis,something like Customary manner or practice…

And this is what wiki has to say…”Habits (or wonts) are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously.”So this Week Photo Challenge was Habit.So here is mine with which I am currently so in Love.It is Hanging Out with my Friends,So how this is a Habit is the Question,Well We Generally Hang out near a Shopping Mall which is very close our Room,Me and My Friends will reach that place directly from Office and we will have some Good Time nearly everyday(Now we have been doing this for more than One Year… :D)

The Place Called Oasis Centre

The Place Called Oasis Centre

The Entrance to the Oasis Centre–Lovely Place to Hang Out and we really have great time here

The Place Called Oasis Centre

The Place Called Oasis Centre

And a Consolation Capture–A Tiny Plant with Cobwebs(Well String Cobwebs.. ;))

Macro of A Tiny Plant

Macro of A Tiny Plant

To See and Know about others Habit head to Weekly Photo Challenge.. 😀

50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Habit–Hanging Out

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    • Thank You Anupama for dropping by.. 🙂
      The Cobwebs were pretty much like thread…You should have clicked the image for better view.. 😀
      And Yes it is indeed tiny one.. 😀

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  5. Ahh ha! So you live near Sony World! I used to live there too, when I first moved to Bangalore!! Your post reminded me of the time I used to hang out with my friends at Oasis!!

  6. I don’t know about Oasis center … But Auchan is really a cool departmental store… Me and my friends often go to auchan and buy stupid things like some flavor of Lays we had not tried and all and come out feeling relaxed… I mean roaming with friends in Auchan, doing stupid things, really relieves and it sounds funny, but it’s true…

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