Hanging Lights..

Well Many of us have heard about The Hanging Gardens,one of the seven wonders of the World..but this  post is not about The hanging Gardens in fact This Post is about Hanging Lights which I captured roaming in Bangalore the other day.

Actually my Days in Bangalore is coming to an end,end of a very Memorable 6-7 years journey of my Life,So in the Last few days I just want to bask in Bangalore and want to capture as many as Bangalore I can,though all the captures don’t end up in Blog..Still there are few.. 🙂

And The Hanging Lights are one of them.. 😀

Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights

So,Do you like these Hanging Lights?


38 thoughts on “Hanging Lights..

  1. My dad was in the army and that meant constant shift from one location to another. Like you the last few days used to be just going around the place so that I could take in all that I could from that place. I understand you feeling totally. At least you have a camera and can catch many such beautiful sights and memories, as a kid it was just the memories. All the best and whats the next destination you are off too.

  2. nice pic, had never seen these lights at Central.. is the Central near Mayo hall or the one on Sarjapur Road?
    Leaving the amazing Bangalore chill for the beautiful and much more surreal North east.. 🙂

  3. Such pretty festive lights. You know Harsha, its been three years since i left Bangalore and moved to Singapore, but i still miss little things about the city. The festive lighting during Diwali at Brigade road, shopping at comm street and eating at Koshy’s. .. 🙂
    These lights made me reminsce those wondeful days when bengaluru was bangalore 🙂

  4. So you are Bangalore’s own Nebuchadnezzar 😀 & if you can no longer be discovered in Bangalore, where can you be found? 😉

    This is beautiful; I guess it can be used as Tesseract’s newly opened red gateway in the sequel to The Avengers. May be Loki can say something about it 😀

    • Well I am moving to my Home State Assam as I got my Job Posting over there..On 27th Nov I will be leaving Bangalore officially..

      Hahahaha..And I will be happy if it is used in Avengers Sequel.. 😉

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