In and around Assam…

There is lot more to see and talk about Assam and I do always try to put up a better picture of my Home state…Things when seen,I believe create a more deeper feeling than words..So here’s an attempt to do exactly the same..

Traditional Dance of Assam on Stage..

Traditional Dance of Assam on Stage..

Displaying Colorful tradition of Assam on the occasion of Assam Literature Festival in Kaliabor

Birangana Memorial

Birangana Memorial

Birangana Memorial–The Memorial of those Ahom ladies who fought The 1532 Dumonishila War

Indigenous Assamese Artist

Indigenous Assamese Artist

A Blind artist in-front of famous Barpeta Satra…Now,I am saying him indigenous because of his traditional Assamese attire and artist because he doesn’t beg but earns his livelihood by playing Dotora-A Traditional Assamese Instruments

7 thoughts on “In and around Assam…

  1. Reading your post after so long. Hoping your doing well. Also please do more posts on Assam. This is one place I’ve been wanting to visit for a very very long time cause my parents had stayed there before I was born 😃

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