Nostalgic KuhiPath

A mesmerizing name at least to the people of Assam, but to the generation when people like me were kids. A book to begin our educational journey with our tender minds, thoughts and touch, a book that taught us the basic of what Assamese language is all about in a tender way, its culture, and its values. Ask any Assamese born before early 90’s and see the charm in their face recollecting those old memories of reading KuhiPath sitting before candle or earthen lamp. It was just the time I look back now and cherish and maybe many Assamese does too.

KuhiPath-‘Kuhi’ meaning ‘Tender’ and ‘Path’ meaning ‘Lesson’ and now exactly I know why it was called so, as it was solely aimed at tender minds so does the name ,teaching tender lessons at a tender age in a tender way…How nice was those days, just feel nostalgic thinking about those times. I still remember memorizing the Assamese alphabets from KuhiPath book within a day, thanks to my mom and her stick hitting me from left to right…But since that day KuhiPath was a friend to me and obviously with the help of my mother it was always a fun to read.

During those days walking through the lanes of the streets or villages in Assam, hearing voices of kids reading through KuhiPath was a common tune filling the air. There was no concept of school bags, kids were seen running bare foot to and from school with just 2-3 books and KuhiPath being the common out of the lot…Alas those airs are a mere history now, somewhere lost in the process of modernization and development.

Life is a continuous evolving process and KuhiPath is one of its example…Now, kids don’t have books with tender thoughts and subjects rather they are filled with more hi-fi things that sometimes I wonder the pressure the kids are taking in. But that’s not the point I want to make here-that is totally a different subject, what I’m trying to point out here is sometimes we need to stop, relax and look back in our past, our old memories, our childhood and try to feel the peace and to bring a smile on our face (Smiling is such a hard job these days, bet me).

What KuhiPath taught me was to have fun while reading and I guess all those who have had gone through this book in their childhood will feel the same too. This book surely holds a special place in my heart…I never realized that someday I would miss this book 😦 and now I don’t even have a copy of it and it is nowhere to be found, though my search is still on.. 🙂 and maybe someday I will get a hold of it again….Who Knows…Till then….It ‘KuhiPath’ remains a like ‘Kuhi’  thing in my heart… 🙂

KuhiPath First Edition

KuhiPath First Edition



The above art was done by me using Fresh Paint provided by Microsoft,trying to draw like the original Book cover of KuhiPath… 😉


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