Reservation in India

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Reservation..To me the first thing that comes to my mind is all about Indian Railways Reservation because at some point in my life I was a dedicated and frequent traveller by Indian Rail…
But the hard truth is Reservation is such a common word in India,its kind of daily bread and butter for most of us.No matter wherever we are,reservation has to be there.Sometimes I feel sorry for my Country,even after 65years of Independence,India is still kind of handicap as for many issues and one of them is definitely Reservation.
Reservation in certain areas is definitely fine and necessary like Senior citizen reservation,Ladies Coaches in trains etc…But we Indians take few things pretty seriously and take them to a higher level and the results is we have reservations in almost every sphere.
I personally am against reservations on the basis of Caste,Creed,Community and Gender.Since our constitution provide equal rights to every citizen of India,there should be no such things.If we have to provide reservations,it should be done on the basis of economic status of person,such things are in place but not well implemented because we are so messed up with other parts of reservations…India is young so are most of the Indians,average age of India is between 30-35 years and I believe its the right time to step up above all these petty issues as because even after more than 65 years of independence we are still a developing country and the reason behind it which I believe is that we are not able to put our basics right..
So come on Indians rise above those petty issues and lets get our basic rights…


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