Surfing The Stickman Way

Two months ago my StickMan friend asked me some money to meet certain unexpected turn of events in his life.I obliged and lent him the money but since then I never heard from him,nor he was reachable at home neither on his phone,So I was little worried thinking of what could have happen to him..

Suddenly my phone beeps and I got this text from him “Check out mail dude!”,I quickly logged on to my mail and guess what,I received this mail from him with an image attached to it…



“Dude I was in Goa,Surfing and Chilling like a Boss… 🙂 and BTW wanted to thank you for making this happen.. 😛 ”

So all in all was stunned to see such unexpected turn of events in my life,dejected I crawl into my bed swearing never to lend anyone on their unexpected turn of events..

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