Green and Beautiful Assam..

It’s Kind of Monson time in Assam,So Assam is wakening to its Greenery period which also makes it very beautiful… Traditional Fishing Nets in Assam…Since all the ponds and rivers are full of water now,this is common sight in Assam… Ah…Tea Estate,you will find a lot of them in Assam,being the largest producer of Tea … Continue reading

In and around Assam…

There is lot more to see and talk about Assam and I do always try to put up a better picture of my Home state…Things when seen,I believe create a more deeper feeling than words..So here’s an attempt to do exactly the same.. Displaying Colorful tradition of Assam on the occasion of Assam Literature Festival in … Continue reading

Some Rare and Endangered Species found In Assam

As I am so in Love with Wild Animals and Coming from a Place like Assam admiring Nature makes much more sense I guess..So When I see the Wild getting depleted day by day I can’t stop myself but think how Humans have become cruel day by day then again I realize we Human now-a-days … Continue reading

Assam Tea-A Blend of Taste and Quality

I am a great Tea Lover and generally drinks about 7-8 cups of tea a day.For all the Tea Lovers out there like me,here is few lines describing the finest tea-‘The Assam Tea‘ “Ek Garam Chai ki Pyali ho Assam Tea Si Banane Wali ho Chahe Thandi ho ya Garmi ho Peene Layak Banani ho … Continue reading

Hats Off to Assam Village and WTI

I am a very much attracted to wildlife and I always support preserving the wild world,I think we the human and the wild world or the nature or the environment go hand in hand with the later having much more importance in Human life.As my father is a Ranger in Assam Forest Dept.,I always have … Continue reading

The Journey-From Assam To Bangalore

Ah..Good old days are never found again..Its been a long time since I am out of Assam not permanently though.Its been like 7 long years away from Assam but even today a  News on Assam or Hearing Assamese from someone else on the Roads of Bangalore tingle my Bones,it makes me like bumping against them … Continue reading

The Land Where I Belong-Assam

Hello Everyone, So here it is..My first Post describing the land I came from Assam, As it is usually known as the Land of Red Hills and Blue Rivers…actually it is much more than that I believe.Not only Assam the Entire North-East India comprising of Assam,Arunachal,Meghalaya,Nagaland,Manipur, Mizoram,Tripura and Sikkim is a delight to watch and … Continue reading

Assamese Bihu

Traditional Bihu Dance of Assam.. Bihu Dances one of the main folk dance of Assam,Generally performed during Bihu festival which is aslo the main festival of Assam.It is celebrated during Rongali Bihu which aslo marks the begining of Assamese New Year. Both Males and Females perform the Joyous Dance ,and is characterized by brisk dance steps,and … Continue reading

Meteor 350-A Enfield above the Rest

Riding has always been my leisure time. I ride and I feel myself though I am not a habitual rider but riding is the event that I love, be it a ride to my Hometown or to my Office or just roaming around the city, it is my pleasure to cruise all day long. Since … Continue reading