The Famous Place in Kanyakumari–In Images

The famous Place in Kanyakumari as we all know is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial where Swami Vivekananda  during the month of December 1892 went to this Rock for deep meditation and enlightenment.He swam to this rock and meditated about the past, present and future of India. It is said that he attained enlightenment on the rock, … Continue reading

India’s First Wax Museum in Kanyakumari

Do you all know Where the First Wax Museum was established? I had no idea about this until I visited Kanyakumari and got to know that India’s the First Wax Museum was established in Kanyakumari,interesting isn’t it,being just a small tourist and pilgrimage site in the southernmost tip of India..I was really amazed to know this … Continue reading

Sunrise In Kanyakumari…A Breathtaking Moment

Kanyakumari as said by Mahatma Gandhi is ‘The Virgin Beauty’ and I couldn’t agree more to that after visiting the Place.Located at the Southernmost tip of India in Tamil Nadu state,this place has a very unique and serene picturesque and you will know it once you visit this place.A famous tourist destination not only for Indians … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge–Horizon

Horizon–What this word bring to your Mind? If we go by the Books it is The line that separates the Earth from the Sky,But has anyone ever seen that line….It is always like as much as close we get to them they seem to be as much as far from us,but then that is the … Continue reading

Wind-Farms–Some Captures…

Wind Farms-The major source of generation of electricity of about 1500 MW, which is about 20% of that of India ,And these Wind-Farms are found in and around Kanyakumari…And they look very lovley On my way to Kanyakumari I saw many Wind-Farms and there is a place called Aralvaimozhi (also spelt Aralvoimozhi) ,a small settlement in Kanyakumari … Continue reading

Some Random Clicks….Aquatic Birds and Aquatic Animals

During my trip to Kanyakumari,it was mostly around the Sea waters and that’s what I went to see there,the meeting point of 3 Seas…. *Please Click on the Images for better view.. And I got something more,I mean captured…So Enjoy the Clicks.. 🙂 The Colorful Crab but unfortunately it was dead.. 😦 Can you spot … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge:Inside

So this time the Weekly Photo Challenge have a unique theme–Inside. So as per the theme here are some of my interpretation..I hope everyone enjoy this.. 🙂 We generally like taking Photo outdoors but sometimes Indoor Photos can be interesting at the same time funny and I leave it to my readers–What You Guys Think of … Continue reading

Striking Waves..

During my visit to Kanyakumari–The one shot that was on my mind was to shot the sea waves pretty close to me and I was lucky enough to get hold of one.. 🙂 But to take this shot I had to wait for around half an hour as the waves I guess was in mood … Continue reading

And Here Is The Day I came To This World–Happy Birthday to Me..

So,It is 29th August and on this very day on 1989 I was born–Don’t know how was the weather though but my mom says I was crying like hell–Anyways I wish myself “Happy Birthday” and here is my wish to me.. 😛 “Jo Bhi Cahu Woh Main Pau Zindagi Mein Jeet Jao  Maan Jaa Ye … Continue reading

Roadside Vendors…Adding vivid colors to India

Anywhere in India you go you will find Roadside Vendors in abundant numbers and most of the time there is some Fair(Mela) going on in most of the parts in India,this is due to the fact of being the largest secular and democratic country,A Country one of its kind..And I enjoy visiting these Fairs because … Continue reading