Today’s Kids and Their Thinking

The Other day I was having a chat with my Colleague and he was sharing some funny moments of his 5 years daughter.

There were so many incident he said about her but out of all the incident,one incident made me laugh a lot and at the same time it forced me to think that the world is advancing at a very rapid pace.Technological development now-a-days has so many impact on us,we have become so dependent on them that a single day without technology will be no less than hell.

From getting up in the morning till we get back to our bed our life is covered with technology,they have an impact on us directly on indirectly.Even the kids of now-a-days knows lot more about them than we used to know when we were of their age..Really World is Changing at the speed of light.. šŸ™‚

Enough of talking now..Have a Look at the Cartoon and make out by yourself the incident I am talking about.. šŸ™‚

Today's World

Today’s World

This Post is dedicated to all the Parents as I am sure they are having a pretty good time with their kids.. šŸ™‚






RTI and RTE-Our Right

Right to Information ActĀ RTI

RTI as we all know stands for Right to Information and is a very important act and right that we citizen of India can use for our goodwill.It came into force onĀ the 12th October, 2005.The RTI 2005Ā is an Act of theĀ Parliament of IndiaĀ “to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens.”Ā The Act applies to all States and Union Territories of India except theĀ State of Jammu and Kashmir.Under the provision of this act any citizen may ask information from Public Authority and they are expected to reply within 30 days or 48 hours in case of life or liberty of person that sought concerns.If the citizen does not receive any reply or is not satisfied with the information provided by the Public Information Officer regarding RTI Act within the stipulated time frame,he/she can appeal to a higher rank authority within 30 days.

The Right Empowers every citizen to:-

  • Ask any questions from the Government or seek any information.
  • Take copies of any governmental documents.
  • Inspect any governmental documents.
  • Inspect any Governmental works.
  • Take samples of materials of any Governmental work.

So Citizen know your right and never hesitate to question the Government on any issue ,after-allĀ India is a Democratic Republic and itsĀ ultimate authority and power is derived from the citizens of India.

Here is the FAQ on RTI for reference.

Right to EducationARV_RTE_518525f

RTE as known is Right to Education Act 2009 is an actĀ enacted by theĀ Parliament of IndiaĀ on 26th August 2009 and commenced on 1st April 2010Ā which describes the modalities of the importance of free and compulsory education for children between 6 and 14 inĀ IndiaĀ under Article 21a of theĀ Indian Constitution.

This Act serves as a building block to make sure that every child has his or her right (as an entitlement) to get a quality elementary education until the age of 14 free of charge, and that the State, with the help of families and communities,Ā fulfillsĀ this obligation.

If we want to see India in the path of development,we all must comeĀ togetherĀ hand in hand and make this act a huge success,why I am saying this is because even after likeĀ 3 yearsĀ of its commencement there has not been muchĀ improvementĀ educationalĀ front.The Government and even the Parents and not much interested in the act,whereas the urban population is aware of it,the rural population does not find it as a profitable scheme to send off their ward toĀ school. GandhijiĀ once said “The real India lies in the villages. Development is possible when the villages prosper!”, so I think I made my point.The Rural India can be developed only and only by Imparting Education to the Rural Mass and in turn it will develop India.

Here is theĀ Main features of Right to Education 2009 actĀ for reference.

RTE ViolationsRTEĀ help-deskĀ can be reached atĀ (044-28278742) for any queries or informing any violations of RTE act.