Being Online

Online is a great buzz word in today’s world,it’s a kind of fad among everyone,from young to old,short to tall..No matter who it is,they are surely under its grip…

Ranging from Online Shopping to Online Dating it kind of offer us most of the luxuries within the stroke of our finger tips…Great isn’t it?

But when a Kindergarten kid makes you an online demand,I guess you would just be astonished and wonder how the world is changing at such a fast pace…

Such an incident happened and I am trying to depict through my Cartoon…

Being Online

Being Online

The above cartoon exactly depict the incident and In my head I wonder the deep impact “Online” has put in the mind of that kid…But he certainly has a deep thought and a pretty tough question for his Mom,didn’t he?… 😉

Spread The Light

Spread the Light

Spread the Light

Don’t be ignorant…Don’t make Intolerance a Weapon to be used against innocent citizens..Stand up and Spread the light of Education..

CollegeDunia.Com-A Search Engine for Higher Education Information

Gearing up for higher studies is kind of daunting task, especially in India with loads of Universities, Colleges and not to mention the never-ending list of Courses. Most of the time we get stuck by the options we have and sometimes end up taking decisions that doesn’t suits us.

What if I say that now you can take this important decision with your fingertips at your comfort…Yes makes it possible for you. An extensive search engine with information of about more than 20k colleges,universities,courses and only that CollegeDunia provides detailed information on every aspects of Universities,Colleges, Courses that you want to know.

They also provide information on best places and colleges to stay and study based on your inputs, they have a very refine system which minutely captures your inputs and provide you the most desirable results.Searching for such detailed information was never been easy,sitting at any part of India,you can find details of best of the best colleges in India.I am done with my studies so just to try this site I checked out for Universities in Pune,and truly I was amazed with all the details,filters and many other important features.Now you guys might be thinking Why Pune,After completing my 12th I wanted to study Engineering in Pune but at that time there was no site like,and getting information was not that easy so that didn’t happen,Pune may not be a world-class metro but certainly a best place to live and study,moreover Life in Pune is always happening..

Still not impressed,Check out this inforgraphic..                                                  

I mentioned only 5 reason here but this site provides much more than that..A dedicated site which provides not only educational institution information but also provides information on various Entrance Exams like CAT,MAT,GATE,provides study materials, moreover provides information on various College Fest,Festivals,Events etc.

Their approach is not only towards Students but also towards Institutions which focuses on providing them with quality information on highly motivated candidates and to Parents providing them information on various institutions in a very detailed and interactive way.And that’s not all,they pay you for writing reviews about your Colleges/Universities,Now I think that’s smart on their part as everyone is win-win situation.. 🙂

Still confused and don’t believe my words…Waste no time and Hop onto and just be sure to take your life’s one of the important decision with the best and be assured you will be offered with the best experience.

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Kids and Indian Healthy Drinks…

Well we know about a lot of Healthy drinks and Cold Drinks that helps to quench our thirst during Summer…But what about Natural Health Drinks and not only helps us to quench our thirst but also give us many health benefits….In,India two such drinks are Sugarcane Juice and Coconut Water..but due to modernization and changing lifestyles,we consider them to be outdated and keeps a distance from them..

And ask today’s kids about such things they will hardly know about but they will surely know about all the other Cold drinks product available in the market them as we elders never realized the importance of such Natural Drinks,so why kids should bother…

Kids and Natural Healthy Drinks

Kids and Natural Healthy Drinks

In the above toon–Ganne means Sugarcane and Narial Paani means-Coconut Water..

I believe in India we have abundant production of these two product…But no Advertisement as they can’t reach the eyes and ears of millions India…But those who knows about them should atleast bother to take them…

Check out their benefits here

Nostalgic KuhiPath

A mesmerizing name at least to the people of Assam, but to the generation when people like me were kids. A book to begin our educational journey with our tender minds, thoughts and touch, a book that taught us the basic of what Assamese language is all about in a tender way, its culture, and its values. Ask any Assamese born before early 90’s and see the charm in their face recollecting those old memories of reading KuhiPath sitting before candle or earthen lamp. It was just the time I look back now and cherish and maybe many Assamese does too.

KuhiPath-‘Kuhi’ meaning ‘Tender’ and ‘Path’ meaning ‘Lesson’ and now exactly I know why it was called so, as it was solely aimed at tender minds so does the name ,teaching tender lessons at a tender age in a tender way…How nice was those days, just feel nostalgic thinking about those times. I still remember memorizing the Assamese alphabets from KuhiPath book within a day, thanks to my mom and her stick hitting me from left to right…But since that day KuhiPath was a friend to me and obviously with the help of my mother it was always a fun to read.

During those days walking through the lanes of the streets or villages in Assam, hearing voices of kids reading through KuhiPath was a common tune filling the air. There was no concept of school bags, kids were seen running bare foot to and from school with just 2-3 books and KuhiPath being the common out of the lot…Alas those airs are a mere history now, somewhere lost in the process of modernization and development.

Life is a continuous evolving process and KuhiPath is one of its example…Now, kids don’t have books with tender thoughts and subjects rather they are filled with more hi-fi things that sometimes I wonder the pressure the kids are taking in. But that’s not the point I want to make here-that is totally a different subject, what I’m trying to point out here is sometimes we need to stop, relax and look back in our past, our old memories, our childhood and try to feel the peace and to bring a smile on our face (Smiling is such a hard job these days, bet me).

What KuhiPath taught me was to have fun while reading and I guess all those who have had gone through this book in their childhood will feel the same too. This book surely holds a special place in my heart…I never realized that someday I would miss this book 😦 and now I don’t even have a copy of it and it is nowhere to be found, though my search is still on.. 🙂 and maybe someday I will get a hold of it again….Who Knows…Till then….It ‘KuhiPath’ remains a like ‘Kuhi’  thing in my heart… 🙂

KuhiPath First Edition

KuhiPath First Edition



The above art was done by me using Fresh Paint provided by Microsoft,trying to draw like the original Book cover of KuhiPath… 😉