Prayer Flag at Tashi View Point Sikkim

Prayer Flag

Prayer Flag

This was captured at Tashi View Point,Sikkim.Prayer Flags are a common sight in Sikkim..They show their culture and their attachment to religion,moreover those flags look really mesmerizing dancing in tune with the wind… 🙂

Celebrating Holi

The Festival of colors-Holi,being celebrated at Barpeta Kritanghar,One of the few Satras in Assam where Holi is celebrated with much more colors and joy and this time near about 2 lakhs people attended the festival at Barpeta Kritanghar.

12th South Asian Games

12th South Asian Games

12th South Asian Games

The most exciting sports extravaganza of South-Asian Countries kind of South-Asian Olympics,is on the way and this time it landed on none other than the Northeast India.The event scheduled to begin from 5th Feb to 16th Feb’2016  with 8 countries,23 events and 2700 athletes and will be hosted jointly by Guwahati and Shillong,the state capital city of Assam and Meghalaya respectively.Out of these 23 events,16 will be held in Guwahati and 7 at Shillong.
Certainly a great boost to Northeast India,as this step will ensure NE India’s space in International arena..And we the Northeastern will be able to showcase our Culture,tradition and heritage to the entire world..The Opening Ceremony is scheduled to be held on 5th Feb at Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium,Guwahati and on 6th Feb at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium,Shillong.

For the third time SA Games are being organized in India,earlier being in Kolkata(1987) and Chennai(1997) and starting 5th Feb onwards for 10 days it will be the colorful mixture of Sports,Tradition,Culture and much more…and these 10 days will go down in history a some of the most cherished moments for NE India and its people.. -)

The Logo of 12th SA Games has  8 petals representing the 8 nations,with Orchid flower and Gamosa in the middle as a symbol of Assamese Culture and Tradition used to welcome Guest

12th South Asian Games Logo

12th South Asian Games Logo

The Mascot is known as “Tikhor”-A Baby Rhino symbolizing the pride of Assam,he is sharp,naughty,playful,modern and energetic and  carries the message of Peace, Progress, and Prosperity in the South Asian region.

Tikhor-The Mascot

Tikhor-The Mascot

And the motto of 12th South Asian Games is “Play for Peace,Progress and Prosperity

Honorable Prime Minister of India “Shri Narendra Modi” will officially inaugurate the 12th South-Asian Games..So,come and be a part of the spectacular sporting extravaganza.


For More details Kindly Visit- South Asian Games 2016

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India’s 67th Republic Day

It’s 26th January 2016 and India has celebrated its 67th Republic Day…My wishes to India and all fellow Indians…. 🙂

26th January-A special day for India and Indians,as it is the day on which Indian Constitution came into effect during the year 1950 and since then India is considered a Republic and celebrating 26th January as Republic Day all over India.The Constitution of India is the way through which the Government System works,it is the law above all.

The Constitution defines itself and the Government as “for the people,by the people and of the people”,but wait let me ask a question does this happens for real,is Government really for the people,by the people and of the people?It is definitely “by the people and of the people” but not “for the people”..Before the elections they are only & only for the people..But after that we people are mere jokes for them.

Republic-In general it is a Political System where the supreme power lies in the hand of the citizens who can elect people to represent them..For that to happen we Indians are provided with “Right to Vote” a constitutional right but do we exercise our right properly or do it for the sake of doing.

So,this republic day sit back and think,think for yourself,think for the Nation and make the wise decision,because Nations future lies in our hand and we should never be casual in performing our duties towards our Nations

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And a Cartoon Strip for illustrative purpose to end with… 🙂

For the People,By the People,Of the People

For the People,By the People,Of the People

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Spread The Light

Spread the Light

Spread the Light

Don’t be ignorant…Don’t make Intolerance a Weapon to be used against innocent citizens..Stand up and Spread the light of Education..

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