Meteor 350-A Enfield above the Rest

Riding has always been my leisure time. I ride and I feel myself though I am not a habitual rider but riding is the event that I love, be it a ride to my Hometown or to my Office or just roaming around the city, it is my pleasure to cruise all day long.

Since I like cruising no matter where, I had a proper cruising motorcycle and that was-“Bajaj Avenger 220” the only and affordable Cruiser Motorcycle with decent power until late 2020 and with arrival of “Royal Enfield Meteor 350” things were about to change.

Bajaj avenger
Bajaj avenger

I saw the Meteor 350 and was quick to book one-The top of the line model i.e. The Supernova and with around 2.3 Lacs on Road price in Assam it was I would not say a deal breaker but a deal worthy for an upgrade. With an waiting period of 3 months my hands restless, itching to put my hands on the “Meteor Supernova Brown 350” and finally the day arrived, received a mail from Royal Enfield as well as a call from the Showroom and I was quick to rush to the showroom and complete all the formalities.

Meteor 350 SuperNova Brown

After all was done, the first ride from the Showroom to my House, a small ride of around 8kms was pure bliss. The moment I started the Bike and the sound of the exhaust reached my eardrum I was like “Am I listening to any kind of Music” and when I rode it for that short 8 Kms I knew I had made a decision that I am never ever going to regret. An Enfield truly above the rest is what has been made by RE.

Meteor 350

Stay Tuned…Coming up with more details and reviews on it…And oh BTW “It is Custom Built for HKS Vallam Chennai Januaryu 2021” that is the insignia on the Fuel Tank of my RE Meteor 350….and my wife has named is “Kizzo”


When the day is about to end,Dusk offer a very soothing view to our eyes no matter where we are,that’s nature to us.

Dusk and A Boat

Dusk and A Boat

This was taken when the Sun was going down at the Mighty River Brahmaputra,Guwahati…Beautiful isn’t it?

Dusk and A Boat

Dusk and A Boat

This was taken using a mobile phone with 5 megapixel camera and to my astonishment it came like a masterpiece 😛

And now I believe “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.. 😉 “

Celebrating Holi

The Festival of colors-Holi,being celebrated at Barpeta Kritanghar,One of the few Satras in Assam where Holi is celebrated with much more colors and joy and this time near about 2 lakhs people attended the festival at Barpeta Kritanghar.