Creatures at Work–How Hard They Work for Living–Photography

Thinking Who I might be referring to,Well let me tell you Guys-The Other Night I was busy capturing these wonderful little creatures,though my Camera is not a DSLR,I managed to get some good captures.But more than that I learnt some inspiring lesson for them…

Ants are the creature that has a life expectancy of just 45-60 days but still they are the hardest working creatures apart from the Bee,Ants never Quit,they are always on the move…While I was capturing them,they gave me new hope and strength–If such a small creatures can be happy working hard,Why can’t we humans be?

Life is not about siting at the corner and thinking of what can be done instead it is about going out,working hard and enjoy the life.. 😀
My Philosophy–“Work like an Ant/Bee,Live like a King”

OK Enough of Preaching now..So have a look at this hard-working creatures.. 😀
*Please click for better view

Gathering For the Meeting

Gathering For the Meeting

Ok,Marching for the Mision

Ok,Marching for the Mission

The Last Round

The Last Round

Mission-Getting the Food

Mission-Getting the Food

Ok,So Little Success

Ok,So Little Success

Oh,Some More Power Dude

Oh,Some More Power Dude

So,All Done--Let's take some Rest

So,All Done–Let’s take some Rest

OK,This is my Ant Story..Hope they were able to move that food to their Home safely as I couldn’t follow them to their Home.. :D.

Voters Right to Reject all Candidates–Landmark Judgement By SC

On Friday one of the landmark judgement by SC powered the Voters with the Right to reject all the candidates mentioned in the Ballot Machine(Electronic Voting Machine)…I must appreciate SC for some the recent Landmark Judgement but this one is above all…Kudos to SC.. 😀

Now What the Right is all about–Read On

Supreme Court-The Highest Judicial Forum and Final Court of Appeal in India on Friday in a landmark judgement for the first time provided the option of casting a negative vote to the Voters if they find no suitable candidates.

In a democracy like India such judgement and right is very much appreciated especially at the current moment when Politics is full of Corrupted Politicians.A much appreciated judgement before the General Elections in 2014.

Supreme Court has asked the Election Commission to provide the option of “None of the Above “(NOTA) at the end of the list of the Candidate’s in Electronic Voting Machine(EVM’s).

SC said–“If right to vote is statutory right, right to reject candidate is fundamental right of speech and expression under Constitution”.

With these Power the citizens will be able to do much more justice to their votes and I believe will use this Right in for the betterment of India.

Please share the news as much as possible as everyone should know about this right.. 🙂
And here is the Highlights of the Judgement passed as appeared on Times of India

Wind-Farms–Some Captures…

Wind Farms-The major source of generation of electricity of about 1500 MW, which is about 20% of that of India ,And these Wind-Farms are found in and around Kanyakumari…And they look very lovley

On my way to Kanyakumari I saw many Wind-Farms and there is a place called Aralvaimozhi (also spelt Aralvoimozhi) ,a small settlement in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.
Aralvaimozhi have the largest wind farms in the world. These wind farms generates about 450 MW of electricity.

Enjoy Some of the Captures I took..

*Please Click on the images for better view and Please bear with the quality as they were taken from Moving Bus…

Wind-Farms 1

Wind-Farms 1

Wind-Turbines are efficient and clean means to generate energy.

Wind-Farms 2

Wind-Farms 2

Generating 1500 MW of electricity,in clean and green way and installations of Wind-turbines in these areas also has risen the employment opportunity

Wind-Farms 3

Wind-Farms 3

The largest wind mill farms in the country are at Muppandal in Kanyakumari district. These farms can be seen when you travel from Kanyakumari to Thirunelveli.

Wind-Farms 4

Wind-Farms 4

The wind speed at this place is 20-25 km and available throughout the year.And it is peak during  July-August when the wind energy is expected to be higher and last normally till October every year.


Fuel Price,Indian Politicians and CommonMan

With the midst of rising the Petrol Prices and the proposal of curfew hours for filling stations to slash consumption by the petroleum minister Veerappa Moily,he had to withdraw the proposal amidst loud protest..So,TOI scanned through the Delhi Govt. officials fuel allotment i.e. how much they can use per month without paying any fuel charges..Check out this article.

The fact is Delhi CM and her 6 minister gets 700 ltrs and other ministers and officials gets around 400 ltrs to 200 ltrs monthly as per the article.And look how politely Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said “These entitlements are enough and if they use more they have to spends from their pocket”…She appears so humble.. 😛

Instead of providing free fuels I guess govt should start the Bus Pooling facility from every ministers house to their Offices at least that will save lots of fuels..

Now the politicians are getting so much of facilities and common man is dying like anything out of inflation….This is our Developing India 😦

My Interpretation on this..Check it out.. 🙂

*Please click on the image for better view.. 🙂
Fuel,Comman Man and Ministers

Fuel,Comman Man and Ministers


A Typical Scene of our Politicians-Mrs.Sonia and Mr.PM

I guess everyone is aware of the fact that Mrs.Sonia Gandhi is out of India for her health check up in The US.This happened few days ago when she was rushed to AIIMS last Monday after she complained of chest pain and exhaustion in the Lok Sabha during the discussion on Food Security Bill when it was in the last stages of adoption.I guess Politicians in India are pretty good actors too.. 😛

Now here is the typical scene I interpreted as Sonia Gandhi from The US talking to Mr. Manmohan Singh in Delhi..Check it out and have fun.. 🙂

And I guess the main reason Politicians look for scams as they have to pay for their Medical Check-Up.. 😛

*Please Click on the image for better view.. 🙂

Sonia Ji and Mr.PM

Sonia Ji and Mr.PM

With all said and done..I wish Sonia Ji to get well soon and fly back to India and stop fooling Indians.. 🙂

Portal For Public Grievances-A System that Works

I am not sure how many of us heard about the Public Grievances services offered by Government of India and is brought to us by Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances.

So What this Portal Means–As per the portal site for Public Grievances mention it–“The Department of Administrative Reforms And Public Grievances is the nodal agency to formulate policy guidelines for citizen-centric governance in the country. Redress of citizens’ grievances ,being one of the most important initiatives of the department,DAR&PG formulates public grievance redress mechanisms for effective and timely redress / settlement of citizens’ grievances. “


And as per Wikipedia it goes like this—The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances is to facilitate the pursuit of excellence in governance through promotion of:

  • Improvements in Government structures and processes.
  • Citizen-friendly initiatives including redressal of public grievances.
  • Documentation, incubation and dissemination of best practices.
  • Codification and simplification of procedures.
  • Networking with various agencies.

In short this is the nodal agency which look into the Grievances of Indian Citizen,but for this an Indian Citizen must lodge their Grievances with them and they have a very neat way for the Citizen to lodge the Grievances.

You can–Lodge Your Grievances,Put a reminder or Ask for Clarification on your past Grievances and Even check the status of your Grievances.

Now you all must be thinking why I am saying these things–Actually I had lodged a Grievance with this agency and to my surprise the Grievance was addressed  and they even responded to it…When I saw their response I was just unable to believe that some system in Indian Government actually works though I lodged my Grievance on January 2013 and was replied on August 2013–after 7 months but still I was happy that it was address because as we all know it is India and process here takes hell lot of time…

So,I thought of highlighting this and make the common people aware of the facility….So,if you have any Grievances please don’t hesitate to lodge it afterall it is our right to ask the Government to look into our Grievances…But I really can’t guarantee the time frame it will need to get addressed… 😛

Now here is the response I received from the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public GrievancesGrievance Status(The Response)