Spinning Prayer Wheel at Buddhist Temple

Spinning Prayer Wheel

Spinning Prayer Wheel

Spinning Prayer Wheel at a Buddhist Temple in Manali


Prayer Flag at Tashi View Point Sikkim

Prayer Flag

Prayer Flag

This was captured at Tashi View Point,Sikkim.Prayer Flags are a common sight in Sikkim..They show their culture and their attachment to religion,moreover those flags look really mesmerizing dancing in tune with the wind… 🙂

Yak at Changu Lake

Changu lake located at an altitude of 12,300ft and 45Kms from Gantok is a major tourist attraction.

Yak rides are available near Changu lake at a cost of 50INR.

And Here’s one of them on which I rode..You can see the Changu Lake behind the YakChang



And Another One….


Elephant Falls-Shillong

Elephant FallsElephant Falls

When the British People came to Shillong and Saw this Fall they named it as “Elephant Falls” because on the left side of the fall there was a rock that resembled like the Elephant but the rock was destroyed by the earthquake in 1897.