Adieu Bangalore..

As I write this Post my Heart is filled with mixed emotions,I don’t know whether to be Happy as after 6 Years long Years finally I am heading to my Home State–Assam or to be sad as after 6 Years I am officially leaving a Place which I can proudly call my Second Home–Bangalore..

Seriously at this moment I am getting very Emotional,I am bidding farewell to a Place where I have spent my precious 6-7 years of my Life,A Place that is so close to my Heart..I still remember the day when I first landed on Bangalore– 14th September 2007 with many Hopes and Dreams,I know I have and are in the Process of making my Dreams come true but in that process I became a Part of this lovely City and Now today I stand to say Goodbye to this City..

But with me I taking a Lot of Memories,Memories that I will cherish for the Life to come. .:)
If ever in Life I am given the choice to Choose any place other than my Home State–It will definitely be Bangalore,once and for all

To keep it Simple and Short–I love everything about Bangalore and will continue to do so and will miss everything I did here,Though I am leaving Bangalore–Still a Part of me will stay behind here in Bangalore and I will be taking a bit of Bangalore with me.. 😀
To Bangalore– “You are Just Awesome” and Cheering for Bangalore “Namma Bengaluru” 😀 😀
And Sometime Down the Line “We Will meet Again” 😀 😀

Till then “ADIEU Bangalore

Before Ending the Post Check out the two images of the Area in Bangalore I live.. 😀 😀

And A Thought Before I end up Last Post from Bangalore.. 🙂

Thoughts Recollected

Thoughts Recollected

So I end my Post with a Smile for BANGALORE,for all the things you have given to me,I will always be obliged to you.. 🙂
Once Again “ADIEU BANGALORE”–I am going away from you but you are and will be there always in my Heart. .:D


Bangkok Here I Come–Traveling in Style with AirAsia

Do you know Which is the most preferred tourist destination of 2013?Well,if not get your Backpacks ready because as far as I can see for the first time an Asian Country is all set to top the list–Confused,Well it is none other than the most happening,most Charming and well most deserving “BANGKOK“,the Capital city of Thailand,don’t believe me well Google is there to make you believe and if that doesn’t sound convincing–Here is the Global Destination Cities Index and well if that is also not convincing–It is time you surely Pack your Bags and zoom off to Bangkok,to experience a Journey,a Travel like never before.. 🙂

So,When I asked myself–What should be my perfect Dream Destination–Pat came the reply from within–It has to be none other than Bangkok

Everyone Can Fly With AirAsia

Everyone Can Fly With AirAsia

And Oh Wait,Hold on I have some more icing on the cake thing–Well to make my travel more Pocket Friendly(You know What I Mean.. ;)),AirAsiawhich is named the World best Low-Cost Airline,has come up with a unique idea known as “World’s Best Online Travel Fair” and this applies to all who want to experience Bangkok,So what are you waiting for hop on to AirAsia-World’s Best Online Travel Fair because good things don’t last longer… 😀 and I am done with the List of things I will be doing in Bangkok



I know You Guys are thinking Why Bangkok–What is there in Bangkok that makes it a Dream Destination..Well Guys let me have the privilege to take you through the virtual tour of my Dream Destination–Bangkok.

Well to Start off Bangkok is for all–I mean for Temple Lovers,Shopaholic,Foodie and not to forget The Dynamic Nightlife it offers,You Name it and Bangkok have it in their kitty… 🙂

Lets first talk about Temples–Temples in Bangkok are quite unique and form a special part of the Capital,The Architecture of each and every Temple is simply amazing and awe-inspiring,to put it simply–Colored Glass and Pottery perfectly coupled with shining gold and that’s why they call it–The City of Angels!As from my research I came to know that the best time to visit most temples is in the early morning as it will be less crowded and the weather will be bit cooler.Temples are Generally known as Wats in Thai and play an important part in Buddhist Tradition’s.Remember to Dress appropriately covering your Shoulders and Legs while visiting temple in Bangkok

  • Wat Arun–One of the most ionic temple in Bangkok on the bank of the river Chao Phraya.The temple derived its name from a Hindu God Aruna(The Sun God) and often known as the Temple of Dawn
  • Wat Phra Kaew–Know as The Temple of Emerald Buddha is one of the most sacred Buddhist Temple in Thailand,It is Located within the area of The Grand Palace(Wat Phra Kaew’s home),the temple enshrines a Buddha Statue craved out of a single block of Jade(Ornamental Stone).
  • Wat Pho–This temple is located next to The Grand Place also known as the Temple pf Reclining Buddha,home to Thailand’s largest Reclining Buddha Statue. Covered in a Gold Leaf ,this 43-meter long statue is covered in Gold Leaf and the Statue’s feet are decorated with mother-of-pearl depicting 108 auspicious sign of Buddha.

  • Wat Traimit–This temple is a must visit if you want to see The Golden Buddha which is one of the world’s largest solid gold Buddha statue.

Now After Temples lets Head  on to some Palace in Bangkok–

  • The Grand Palace–As the name suggest this palace is grand and was home to not only the Thai King and his court, but also the entire administrative seat of government.Within the crenelated walls were the country’s war ministry, state departments and even the mint.Situated in on the Bank of Chao Phraya in the Heart of Bangkok this palace indeed is made up of  numerous buildings, halls, pavilions set around open lawns, gardens and courtyards.
  • Suan Pakkad Palace–The Home of  Prince Chumbhotpong Paripatra and his wife,this Palace is now a Museum that consists of Thai Antiques.The Architecture,gardens and Thai Antiques make the museum worth a visit.
  • Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall–A former reception hall now serving the purpose of Museum,This Palace houses the Art of Kingdom Exhibit displaying all traditional crafts of the country.

Well after having the Tours of Temple and Palaces–Its time we head out for some Shopping Fun and Food Experience in Thai Style.. :)..What Say?

Well to start off Bangkok provide a great Shopping Experience and a Paradise for Shopaholic,as I think a Shopaholic will never be satisfied Shopping Day in and Day out in Bangkok.The Shopping experience in Air-Conditioned Mall,to the Street markets certainly add vivid colors to Bangkok,Ranging from Antiques to designer Jewellery to Leather Products to Electronic Goods.. :),Oh I am dreaming What I will get from there.. 😉

  • MBK Center–A huge Shopping complex with about 2000 stores,Do I need to say more..I am sure I will find everything I need under one roof.. 🙂
  • Siam Paragon, Siam–A walk from MKB Centre,Siam Paragon is generally for medium to high-class people who likes to spend the leisure time..And Well as a Tourist I don’t mind visiting this glass-and-steel luxury megamall with lots of recreational facilities.. 🙂
  • CentralWorld, Siam–Well I surely can’t miss this mall as for it Targets Youth providing wide range of trendy fashions that surely attract most of the youth..
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market–Well as the name says,this market is generally operational in full flow only in weekends,With more than 8000 stalls..This weekend Market is not a thing to miss for me whatsoever.
  • Patpong Night Market–Well to be honest I have never been to a Night market,So I am sure to take the opportunity to visit this Night Market with the glimpse of Bangkok Nightlife..
  • Chinatown–Well to make my Pocket more Money Friendly I just can’t end my Bangkok tour without visiting this Market.Almost everything is found here and that to at reasonable rate provided bargaining..
  • Floating Market–Well to have some unusual shopping experience..I have to add Floating Market in Bangkok,Well there are number of floating Market and I wish to visit Khlong Lat Mayom and Damnoen Saduak.

Well with above mentioned Shopping Destinations,The Food experience go hand in hand..As I am not that foodie..I leave part to explore once I am in Bangkok. .:D

Well My Bangkok Visit will be incomplete without experiencing its Dynamic Nightlife–My list includes Siam Niramit Cultural Show & Dinner,Dinner Cruises on Chao Phraya River,Night Shopping and Enjoying some Cocktails at Rooftop Bar

So that is my Things to See and Do during my Bangkok Visit..And Moreover If I can mange my time I will also be visiting Phuket.Now,here again thanks to AirAsia making the travel cost from Bangkok to Phuket quite reasonable

Now You Guys must be thinking that this list is pretty long..Well let me tell you as I mentioned earlier with AirAsia organizing the World’s Best Online Travel Fair ,I am just happy to add more and more to the list as for I know that to and fro to Bangkok wouldn’t cost me a fortune.. 😀

Chennai/Kolkata to Bangkok

Chennai/Kolkata to Bangkok

Bangkok to Phuket

Bangkok to Phuket

With jaw-Dropping prices to fly to my Dream Destination I just couldn’t be Thankful enough to AirAsia to make my dream come true.So,Even you don’t miss the Opportunity to Travel to the Paradise called Bangkok with AirAsia

**This Post is written as the part of Dream Asian Destination Blogger Contest! by AirAsia in association with Ripple Links
**All the pictures used here are from AirAsia,Google and Wikipedia.

Cartoon Clip–Hum Tum 2(Part 2)

Finally I am able to complete the Part 2 of Hum-Tum Cartoon Clip…Some time back I created the Part 1 of Hum-Tum 2,but I have embedded that video here also so that you can watch both of them at a time.. 😀

For those who haven’t checked the Part 1,Check that out First.. :)..Have patience as the video is 1.2 minutes long.. 😀

HUM-TUM 2(Part 1)

This above Part Ends When They Meet in the Park and in the Next Part it is just the Hero Propose the Heroine for Marriage(typical Hindi movie.. :-P) and Happy’s Ending as I didn’t have a paid account for the app I was using so I couldn’t get much out of the video…And this is Just 36 second video.. 😀

HUM-TUM 2(Part 2)

And Do Let me Know–If you liked Hum-Tum 2.. 😉

And Special thanks to Zimmer Twins,the application I used for Creating Hum-Tum 2

Random Captures–At Leisure

Have you ever seen Local Beach Soccer Match in India?Well I haven’t until I visited this beach in Kerala….And here is the Glimpse..I was very interested to join those Guys but unfortunately I couldn’t so I captured them.. 😀

Local Beach Soccer

Local Beach Soccer

Now How about Rainbows?We see them basically when it is raining like one-two drops with the Sun shining—Generally the Prism Effect(Remembering my Class 12th Physics Experiment.. :D)
Here is Two Capture of Rainbow…Though they are not so perfect reason being my Camera is just a Point and Shoot one,but I am satisfied until I get my DSLR.. 😉

Above my Terrace

Above my Terrace

The Above Pic was taken from my Terrace…Doesn’t it look good?

Hogenakkal Waterfall

Hogenakkal Waterfall

This one is taken at Hogenakkal Waterfalls–The Rainbow effect is created by the splashing Waterdrops,Nature is always a delight to Watch.. 🙂

And a Consolation Capture–This Was take while we were returning form Hogenakkal,It was raining a bit and I tired to Capture the Raindrops on the Window Pane,Everything went pretty well except there were very less number of Raindrops.. 😛

Raindrops on Window Pane

Raindrops on Window Pane

Hope everyone enjoyed my Random Clicks.. 😀


A Panoramic Shot–Hogenakkal WaterFalls

For the last few days I was very busy….but luckily got a holiday on 2nd October because of Gandhi Jayanti…and thought of spending the day going somewhere away from Bangalore,I mean away from City Life…  😀

So me and 3 of my friends decided to head to HogenakkalFalls which is around 130-140 kms from Bangalore situated at Karnataka-Tamil Nadu Border and this post is a teaser of my travel to Hogenakkal falls and a Panoramic Capture of Hogenakkal that I want to share with you guys,,, 🙂

And Wait many for Captures of Hogenakkal is on the way,So stayed tuned…

This was taken by my Nokia Lumia 520 and I believe it was decent take and Please Click on the image for the better view of this Panoramic Shot…

Hogenakkal Panoramic

Hogenakkal Panoramic

Majuli–The Largest River Island of India

Anyone heard about Majuli–If No then Read on and If Yes then also I insist you to read on.. 😀

Anyone want to know more about NE ,its beauty and Tourism–Check Here

The Largest river Island in India situated in the North-Eastern state of Assam which was used to be the Largest Island in the world but arguably still the largest inhabited river island…

The Nomination of including Majuli in the UNESCO World Heritage Site definitely makes it one of the destinations to visit when you are on a trip to North East India..

A land of Vaishnavite culture and situated on the middle of the river Brahmaputra,Majuli has been the Cultural Capital and the cradle of Assamese civilization for the past five hundred years. Home to 22 Satras and the principal seat of Vaishnavite faith, culture and practice. The Satras are Vaishnava monasteries established in the 16th century by the saint and cultural reformer Srimanta Sankaradeva and his disciple IVIadhab Deva.

Top View Majuli

Top View Majuli

A total area 500 which is in continuous shrinkage due to erosion and the increase of river surrounding but that does not prevent it of the fact of being a site of Historical Importance for Assam dated back to 16th Century.

How To Reach:-Majuli is around 20 kms from Jorhat City, can be reached bus to taxi to Namiti Steamer Ghat from where ferry services ply to the island. The journey takes about 3 hours.

Jorhat City can be reached form Guwahati,the capital city of Assam by Train, Bus or Air.By road the diatsnce is about 300 km and it takes around 6-7 hours,there is direct train services from Guwahati to Jorhat and regular Air Services ply for Guwahati to Jorhat..But those making a trip to Majuli,I insist them to take the Road to adore the nature on the way to Majuli…

What to See:-Though there is lot more to see and enjoy in entire North-East India but to a enjoy relaxing and peaceful vacation for few days and adoring the Assamese Culture this place is very recommended. You can experience the lifestyle of the local tribes there. Mishing, Assamese and Deuri are the local inhabitants of this place. They are helpful and charming.

Garmur Satra,Majuli

Garmurh Satra,Majuli

The Satras are a delight to watch build in the ancestral period. Some of the main Satras to watch are The Vaishnava Satras founded by Sankardeva,Dakhinpat Satra,Garamurh Satra,Kamalabari Satra,Shamaguri Satra.These satras are also the treasure-house of “Borgeet” Matiakhara, Satriya Dances.Tourist can also have a view of the Mask, a type of Handicraft the people of Majuli prepare in Shamuguri Satra that is famous all over India.

Dakhinpat Satra-Majuli,Performs Raasleela

Dakhinpat Satra-Majuli,Performs Raasleela

Dakhinpat Satra,Majuli-Performs Raasleela

Dakhinpat Satra,Majuli-Performs Raasleela


Apart from these Majuli being an Island is also famous for it flora and fauna, The southern part of the Island is world’s largest riverine Island so it is bird lovers paradise,Between November and March is the best time to visit the Island.The Southwest, The Southeast and The Northern Part of Majuli Island provide a perfect spot for Bird Watching.

For enjoying the Majuli Culture,one can experience it through the festival being celebrated at Majuli.Some of them are The Ali-ai-ligang festival in Feb-March, Paal Naam festival at the end of Winter, In time of Raasleela many people come to visit Garamur Satra. The colorful festival and depiction of Lord Krishna’s life make it a nice event there. These colorful festivals leave tourist spellbound and they get a chance to mix with the Traditions and Cultures of the Locals…

Traditional House

Traditional House

Best time to visit Majuli the winter time…..Now Doesn’t that sounds quite exciting?

*Image Credits–Google

North-East India has the potential to rise as a Tourism Destination,if only the Government look to this,if only locals are more active in spreading its beauty,if only People from different parts show some interest in this Beautiful Paradise Known as North-East India….And I hope my little contribution serve the purpose.. 😀

Where to Stay:-These are the list of some Accommodation available in Majuli.

Alohee Ghar
Kakoti Guest House, Ph.9435203418
Kamalabari Satra Guest House,Ph.03775-273302 La Maison De Ananda, Ph.5597186356
Seuj Ville,Ph.9435734138
Circuit house at Garamurh,Head Quarter of Majuli Contact: SDO (Civil) Majuli,Ph 03775-274424 Majuli eco-tourism Lodge
Nearest airport: Rowriah (Jorhat)
Railway Station: Jorhat
Police Station: Garamukh P.S., Ph. No. 435, Kamalabari P.S., Ph. No. 430

You can also go through these organizations for planning your trip perfectly….

Majuli Island Protection & Development Council
68 South Avenue
New Delhi-110 011
Tel: +91-11-23792214

Sapta Sahid Road
GS Road, Mathura Nagar
Guwahati 781006
Tel: +91-361-2331937
Fax: +91-361-2611081