Kopou(Orchid) Flower

The Assamese New Year is on,Known as Bohag-The First month of Assamese Calender celebrated as Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu all around Assam and by all Assamese all around the world.

A very special flower known as Kopou(Orchid in english) is very traditional in Assamese Culture and especially in month of Bohag…The reason being-its use by the Assamese women,putting it on their hairs while performing Bihu Dance-The Traditional Dance of Assam.

Kopou Ful

Kopou Ful

The Journey-From Assam To Bangalore

Ah..Goodbihu_10 old days are never found again..Its been a long time since I am out of Assam not permanently though.Its been like 7 long years away from Assam but even today a  News on Assam or Hearing Assamese from someone else on the Roads of Bangalore tinglebihu002 my Bones,it makes me like bumping against them and flow with the Assamese tone.

It was on the 1st day of September 2007 just after 3 days of my BirthDay I board the famous Guwahati-Bangalore Express with my Parents and slowly and steadily begun my journey away from Assam and to an unknown place called Banglore.After long journey of 3 days I reached Bangalore with my Parents.At that time I was not feeling lonely as my  Parents were with me.Next 5-6 days were spent arranging my Hostel and all others required stuff,then the day came when my Parents were about to leave Bangalore leaving me behind at that time I came to know the meaning of staying away from your dear ones,that night I spent crying and looking at the photos of my Parents.

From the next day I was in college attending my lectures of B.E.,Days passed by as usual but still there was some bit of loneliness inside me,I made new friends some were from Bangalore and some were from other parts of India but I was not able find a single student from Assam or North East eventually I met some guys from our college who were from Assam and I was so very happy to met them.And that they onwards we guys were together for our Engineering life.We even left our Hostel and rented a room to make our mini Assam :-),we celebrated each festival of Assam in our room,celebrated each one’s B’Day..it was quiet a bit of fun..but still there was a feeling of staying away from home,missing home.

Though nothing happened during 4 years of my Engineering and nothing worth to mention over here,I completed my Engineering in 2011 and now was the time I was somewhat free though not at all..I spent like 2 months in Assam met all my old friends,celebrated whatever occasion come by within that 2 months,it was like living my life to fullest.

Sooner completing 2 months in Assam I was back in Bangalore not for studies now but for employment,as my BE was in Computer Science Branch  there was not much opportunity in Assam so headed back to Bangalore and luckily after 1 month I land up with a job and from there on my Working life started and it was again same away from Home,away from Assam.

Now I am away from Assam for around 7 years and I am looking for ways to head back to Assam..missing Assam,My Home,My Dear Ones,Bihu,Assamese traditions sometimes makes my heart go Numb.I do miss Assam and MIss it a Lot.

The Land Where I Belong-Assam


Hello Everyone,

So here it is..My first Post describing the land I came from Assam,

As it is usually known as the Land of Red Hills and Blue Rivers…actually it is much more than that I believe.Not only Assam the Entire North-East India comprising of Assam,Arunachal,Meghalaya,Nagaland,Manipur,
Mizoram,Tripura and Sikkim is a delight to watch and travel.Assamese is the main Language of Assam and also is considered  lingua franca of the NE India.

To start with, Assam is the only gateway to NE India with a Narrow corridor running through the foothills of The Himalaya that  connects the State with West Bengal and Rest of the India.

Assam and the entire NE is generally famous for its rich Natural Heritage..With rich Flora and Fauna one finds themselves pretty close to the nature.Different Cultures,Different Traditions mixing up pretty well in NE makes a basis of wonders to others.From The Mighty Brahmaputra(Prime River in NE) to Blue Hills to Never ending Natural Heritage..Assam has all.

The main City of Assam is Guwahati formerly known as Pragjyotishpura(meaning ‘City of Eastern Lights’) located between the banks of the Brahmaputra river and the foothills of the Shillong plateau,  which is also considered as Major Commercial and Educational Hub of entire NE.The city is a major center for cultural activities and sports in the North Eastern region and for the administrative and political activities of Assam. The city is an important regional hub for transportation.

Assam and its environs are rich in wildlife with several rare mammals such as Asian elephants, python, tiger and primates and even The Indian Rhinoceros.The bird-life in and around Assam is also rich and diverse.

Getting To NE India

Now here it is if Anyone is interested in Visiting NE India after reading my not pretty good Post about Assam…

NE India and Assam is very well-connected with the Rest of India By Rail,Road and Airways.The main Transport Hub is of course Guwahati. Best Time to visit Assam is between April to October  as these months offer a mild and moderate climate with pleasant and sunny days and cool nights.

Also providing some links for reference.

P.S.–Please do visit NE India once in Lifetime to get closer to Nature.Please Do point out any mistake and recommendations to make this blog appear nice.

Also please visit The Gallery to view pictures of Assam,will upload more pictures in due time.


Assamese Bihu

Traditional Bihu Dance of Assam..

Bihu Dances one of the main folk dance of Assam,Generally performed during Bihu festival which is aslo the main festival of Assam.It is celebrated during Rongali Bihu which aslo marks the begining of Assamese New Year.

Both Males and Females perform the Joyous Dance ,and is characterized by brisk dance steps,and rapid hand movement. Dancers wear traditionally colorful Assamese clothing.