BataDrava Than

The famous Vaishnavite Saint Mahapurash Srimanta Sankardeva was born at Borduwa and there he founded the first ever “Than” known as BataDrava Than situated in Nagaon district nearly 15 kms from Nagaon Town.

This “Than or Satra” has very religious importance as Srimanta Sankardeva started preaching Vaishnavite Religious ideas to his disciple in this Satra.

This place is well-connected from Nagaon Town by Bus,taxis or Tempos and One can reach Nagaon from Guwahati by Bus or Train.

BataDrava Than-Monikut

BataDrava Than-Monikut

Khol-A Traditional Instrument

Khol-An widely used traditional instruments in Assamese Culture,also popular in Eastern and other North-Eastern parts
The Khol was introduced by Mohapurash Srimanta Sankardev in Assamese Culture

This Photo was taken at Bordowa-The Birth place of Srimanta Sankardev