An exciting trip of Some Animals

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Ok so this is not about my Blog Century instead but about the captures of some Animals that we see on the roads generally with a story,as you all know India is big pretty big indeed,so you will find anything to everything here. 😉

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So here I Go–PART-I

I met few Monkeys on when I was on a trip,they were talking about attending some party somewhere far from their place and their concern was how to reach that place as they were not humans so were not allowed in Public Transport,But they were positive about attending the Party,So here is the group of Monkeys I am talking About–Troops…Looks like they were about to hold a meeting.. 😛

Group Of MonkeysTroops

Group Of Monkeys-Troops

So Now they were in deep problem,after discussing for sometime one of them came up with an idea of calling up their Pigeon friends and to check whether they would be able to fly them to their destinations(I guess the Monkeys had gone mad).But don’t you guys think there were some 4-5 Pigeons,to my utter surprises I found many of them,but I guess that was still not enough to lift up the Monkeys,though they tried pretty hard and I was amazed to see their friendship.. :-),So here is the Group of Pigeons I am talking about–Flock(Guess how many of them?)

Group of Pigeons-Flock

Group of Pigeons-Flock

Now the Monkeys were in more trouble,so The Flock and The Troops sat together to find a possible way out of their problem and like discussing for about 15-20 minutes the eldest member of the Flock gave the idea of hiring a horse,since only 4 monkeys were there they would be easily carried by one Horse,but now the problem was to find a Horse and on this another Pigeon mentioned he has a Horse friend and if needed they could ask for his help,everyone was overjoyed and I guess everything was falling in Place for the group of Monkeys.. :-).So here is the Horse they were talking about.. 🙂

The Horse-Sawari

The Horse-Sawari

Now the Horse looks pretty nice and professional indeed,isn’t it?So when they approached the Horse though he was pretty and was ready for the job to carry the Monkeys to their destination but that accompanied with a price tag,price tag because he was professional..But this came as a shock to the Group of Monkeys,since most of the time they had done their job for free..But all said and done,they had to accept the Horse demand as no other way was there to reach the party…

So Now the time was to start the journey for the Monkeys,they bid goodbye to the Pigeons and started off their journey on the back of the Horse–For them it was adventurous as well as a journey to be remembered for life time.


So they begin their journey crossing roads,rivers,hills,in the soaring heat and facing the heavy rains….But the journey was a lifetime experience for them as they were going from one state to another state which they had never done before and that to on the back of a Horse as they were used to living in trees jumping from one Branch to another and moreover they met and interacted with different animals,some were rude,some were good and here I am showing the encounter they had with different animals.. 🙂

On their Journey they first met three Pigs,they were sitting in quite combined manner but appeared sad to them,So the Monkeys asked the Horse to stop and went on to ask the matter,When they asked the Pigs about their problem they got to know that the party they are going is one of the biggest and the Pigs have  lost their pass to enter the party and they don’t want to miss them…So the Monkeys thought for a moment and decided to take them as their Bodyguards as the monkeys were Royal Guest so having Bodyguards would add to their Reputation and moreover the Pigs would also be allowed to enjoy the Party…Here is the Pigs I am talking about…..

Pigs Sitting Combination

Pigs Sitting Combination

So with the Pigs by their side they again started their journey and it was there second day,slowly and slowly the Night was coming down and all of them were getting tired and they needed some place to rest so they started looking for some safe place here and there and as they were looking a Dog was observing them silently from the dark as he had no idea what they were doing and was very curious to know,Suddenly one of the Monkey saw the Dog and his curiosity and thought he might be able to help them,so they approached him and discussed their problem with them,the Dog thought for a while and was ready only in one condition that he should also be taken to the Royal Party,The Monkeys thought for a while and said that he can accompany them but will have to act as their secretary,So all was fine,the Monkeys got the help required and the Dog was happy to in Royal Party.. :-)So here is the Dog..

Shaky Dog

Shaky Dog

So Now with the dog as their Guardian to help them with accommodation,it was time they fill up stomach,long journey it was indeed,so with the Dog by their side they went for some roadside vendor as they didn’t wan to spend much,So what they would eat was the question..As they were travelling around coastal area so they thought Fish would be a better choice,so it was decided and they all went for fish and some rice and some gravies.As they were about to take their dinner,there come a Cat-starving and his eyes look really hungry…The Monkeys,The Horse,The Pigs and The Dog everyone saw him and was touched by his starvation,So what did they do–Hmm you Guys guessed it correct,He was also invited to join them and he happily accepted that,So while having dinner the Cat came to know about the Royal Party those guys were attending and his eyes was like pleading them to take him  with them,So what did they do,they also made a plan to take him and he became the Caretaker of the Monkeys..Now the Monkeys got so much in this journey.. And here s the Caretaker Cat..

Starving Cat

Starving Cat

So with all done and with their stomach filled up they moved towards the place where they were going to spend their night…Now this place was very cosy for them as with some other partners,They met few cows over their and guess what while their chat with the Cows,even the cows pleaded them to take them to the Royal Party,Now the Monkeys were in real dilemma as they had taken so many animals with them and now they can’t even say no to the Cows as they offered them to rest for the night,So they decided to make them their Music Group as they knew to play some instruments.. 😉

The Rest House

The Rest House

So the Morning arrived and the Monkeys on the back of the Horse,The Pigs,The Dog,The Cat and the Cows all started their journey from the Rest House to attend the Royal Party,So for travelling about half day the reach their destination and they were stunned to see the crowd at the Place and due to some reasons they had the feeling of Inferiority Complex,Check the reason and guess if you can find the reason…

The Royal Party Palace

The Royal Party Palace

So this was the Story,I still don’t know whether they attended the Party or Not but I was sure that the Monkeys met some very nice fellow animals and I guess they all started living together… 🙂

If you guys can,then decide what would have been the end..



India-Population,Pollution and Corruption-A Solution-Part I

Few Days ago I wrote a post on the 3 issues that India is facing that is Population,Pollution and Corruption.

If you want to check that post here it is

In this post I will try to highlight the possible solutions in tackling these 3 issues if not completely eradicate them.This post is written on the basis of a very insightful comments I received in my previous post from Rachna and Ritesh

India is developing at a rapid pace and it’s development started way back from 1980’s if I am not wrong and still we are developing.India has set 2020 as the target to get tag of Developed Country but the present scenario speaks a very different story of India becoming a developed country by 2020.No,I am not a pessimist and I really want the name of India to be on the developed list but to become a developed country we must first tackle the 3 main issue I mentioned because as for me I sense these 3 issue to be main threat in India’s Development.
So here I provide some possible solutions for these issues and countrymen be with me for making India Developed.


  • First of all there is a law in India to have not more than 2 children for any couples but this law is hardly implemented whereas In China if a couple has more than 1 child it is considered illegal and they have implemented it utmost perfection.
  • Eduction-It is one of the most important tool.In India education system is pathetic,it is not able to the reach mass especially the rural population,so I believe it is not only the responsibility of the Government but also the Educated Indians to make them aware about the various issues related to population.
  • Use of contraceptive devices.Contraception,while not infallible, drastically reduces fertility rates,often with minimal expense.While contraception and education about using contraception is widely available in rich countries,people in poor countries may not have access to simple contraceptive methods like condoms,or even don’t know what they are.
  • Child Adoption should be encouraged.A couple can give birth to one child and if they want they can adopt another,in that way the orphan will get a home and it will also add to controlling population.

In 2009 Health and Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said that in order to control population–“If there is electricity in every village,then people will watch TV till late at night and then fall asleep.They won’t get a chance to produce children,” Mr Azad said at the time. “When there is no electricity, there is nothing else to do but produce babies.”

So,I guess the development and education of rural population in India will be very much beneficial in controlling population.

2.Pollution:-As I said in my previous post there are 3 major types of pollution Air,Water and Noise and now Soil pollution is also on the rise.Pollution not only hamper the Environment but also the Human race.

In order to control Air pollution we should make the environment greener and should plant more and more trees.Not only the Government but also the Public must cooperate in this regard.We should minimize the use of Private Vehicles and should use Public Vehicles wherever possible.We should opt for Car Pooling in major cities.Better off,walk or cycle to school!It does wonders to the environment,reduces the amount of air pollution and noise,and makes you fit!The Law on Vehicle Emission and Emission from Industries should be enacted strictly.

For Noise Pollution–Do not use car horns unnecessarily.Areas like hospitals and campuses are silence zones and honking is prohibited there.Avoid loud music,which hurts your ears and others’ ears.Firecrackers are extremely loud, so don’t try and burn them unnecessarily.

To minimize Water Pollution–Sewage should be treated before it is discharged into the river or ocean.This is possible through modern techniques.Modern techniques are widely available but we least make use of it,there should be procedural check before sewage are dispensed into water bodies.Laws should be strictly implemented in this regard.Waste food material,paper,decaying vegetables and plastics should not be thrown into open drains.We Indians have the tendency of not using the Dustbin and throwing households wastages in open drains and water bodies.These should be minimised.Effluents from distilleries, and solid wastes containing organic matter should be sent to biogas plants for generation of energy.Oil slicks in water bodies should be skimmed off from the surface with suction device.Sawdust may be spread over oil slicks to absorb the oil components.Promoting health awareness programmes in localities showing the deadly effects to Water Pollution should be organised.Construction of soundproof rooms for noisy machines in industrial and manufacturing installations must be encouraged.Vegetation (trees) along roads and in residential areas is a good way to reduce noise pollution as they absorb sound.

Soil Pollution–It is defined as the presence of materials in the soil which are harmful to the living beings when they cross their threshold concentration levels.To minimise Soil Pollution we must look for proper ways of Watse Management.This is the job given to Panchayats in villages,municipalities in towns and cities.However,each one of us has to do our bit.Avoid Plastic bags and Polythenes and if used they shuld be recycled effectively and should not be dumped in Soil as they are non-degradable.Use of biodegradable products wherever possible.Use of pesticides and insecticides should be minimised and There should be plantation of trees on large scale.

That’s all for now.In my Next post I will discuss about possible prevention of Corruption.The Information provided here is a mixed bag of Internet Research and My Views.

Over to the Public with a Cartoon Strip… 🙂

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Population-Pollution Control

Population-Pollution Control

India-Population,Pollution and Corruption

The Other day I was watching the movie PoliceGiri starring Sanjay Dutt and Prakash Raj,By the way let me clarify this post is not on reviewing the movie instead it is on the issues mentioned on the post title…But before that let me say something–Sanjay Dutt who is playing the Role of a DCP has said so many dialogues on Moral value and Ethics,I somehow felt that he really don’t have any shame..I mean the guy who is accused of illegal activities and is in jail(I know I know it was his job to say such dialogues)..

Ok enough about the movie–Now in that movie Prakash Raj The Villain put up a dialogue–“India mein teen cheeze control nahi kar sakte-Population,Pollution and Corruption” meaning “In India 3 things can’t be control Population,Pollution and Corruption“,So by now all must have understood the meaning of my Post Title.If we give a closer look then these 3 things really can’t be control…So let me explain these 3 things precisely and their effect in India:-

1.Population:-As defined by wiki Population is a summation of all the organisms of the same group or species,who live in the same geographical area,and have the capability of interbreeding.And the species I am talking here is Humans.In India Population is around 1.27 billion and our Rival China is leading 1.36 billion according to 2013,the second most populated country in the world.The figures show that India represents almost 17.31% of the world’s population,which means one out of six people on this planet live in India.Although,the crown of the world’s most populous country is on China’s head for decades,India is all set to take the numero uno position by 2030.With the population growth rate at 1.58%,India is predicted to have more than 1.53 billion people by the end of 2030.So,Indians get ready to cheer up for India…and now you say can it be controlled,I know it can be controlled but I don’t know how.For more information please visit here.

2.Pollution:-Generally speaking Pollution is the addition to the ecosystem of something which has a harmful effect on the Environment.One of the most causes of pollution is the high rate of energy usage by modern,growing populations.There are 3 main types of pollution Air Pollution,Water Pollution and Noise Pollution.

India in terms of pollution is not lacking behind placed among the top 10 worst environment polluters.The 10 countries with the worst global footprint were Brazil,The US,China,Indonesia,Japan,Mexico,India,Russia,Australia and Peru.

As per Pollution Index for 2013 Lucknow(UP) is ranked as the most polluted city in the World.Here is the report.Seems like another milestone for India

It is not that we cannot control Pollution,but with increasing population we are left with no choice but to meet our needs at the cost of nature and hence any measure taken to control pollution will have very little or no impact at all.

3.Corruption:-Writing about Corruption in India I feel like I can write a book on this topic.As per Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index(CPI) India is ranked 94th out of 176 nations surveyed,even China-The Most Populous Country is way above India with a rank of 80.With around half of the citizen of India having paid a Bribe or was asked for a bribe,still we are not able to find the problem of Corruption.We all say it lies in inefficient Government but who makes the Government inefficient…

Scams and only Scams is on the news for North to South,East to West with Government looting hundreds of crore of rupees every year and we common people let it go just by saying ‘Chalta Hai Yaar’…So,I think with this attitude even Corruption is very hard to stop….

Ending the Post with a Cartoon for all to Enjoy.. 🙂

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Population,Pollution and Corruption

Population,Pollution and Corruption

India-Facts We Can Brag About

In this post I will pen down some of the facts about India that obviously makes India a Country we can brag about.

I have seen many people who being Indians don’t even bother to respect India and will just try to find faults in India,in Indian System but what they don’t understand is that they are also part of this system and rather than doing something good for India,those people will just make fun of India…When I meet such people I literally don’t hesitate to start an argument with them and I have done this may times..I just feel like kicking their butt so hard that they……. 😛

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Ture Indian

True Indian

So here is the list amazing facts about India(Source–Internet)

  1. India is the world largest Democracy.
  2. India is the world’s largest,oldest,continuous civilization.
  3. India is one of the few countries in the world,which gain independence without violence.
  4. India has the second largest pool of Scientist and Engineers in the World.
  5. India is the largest English speaking nation in the world.
  6. India’s economy is growing at a rate of 7%-8% and with this rate India is the third largest economy in the world and likely to suppress China by 2020.
  7. Young India-The average age of an Indian is 25 years compared to China’s 35 years,US 37 years,Japan’s 45 years.
  8. The four religions born in India are Hinduism,Buddhism,Jainism and Sikhism are comprises of 25% of the world’s population.
  9. There are 300,000 active mosques in India more than in any other country,including the Muslim world.
  10. With close to 100crore Hindus,India is not just the largest Hindu country but also world’s third largest Muslim population after Pakistan and Indonesia.
  11. India invented the number system.Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.
  12. India recycles 60% of its plastic waste.The figures for Japan and China are 12% and 10% respectively.
  13. Chess was invented here. Algebra, trigonometry and calculus too. ‘Place value system’ and the decimal system developed in 100BC.
  14. India provides safety for more than 300,000 refugees from Lanka,Tibet, Bhutan,Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
  15. India has more honor roll students than America.

I guess I have provided enough facts to boast about our country and in due time I will add more as I know the list will keep going as India is the best country in my view…and I don’t care others view.
So,next time when you hear any Indian talking nonsense about India don’t hesitate to start an argument with him because you now have the facts with you and don’t forget to kick his butt so hard that they….. 😛 🙂

To all Indians–“Make our Country Proud”