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Gearing up for higher studies is kind of daunting task, especially in India with loads of Universities, Colleges and not to mention the never-ending list of Courses. Most of the time we get stuck by the options we have and sometimes end up taking decisions that doesn’t suits us.

What if I say that now you can take this important decision with your fingertips at your comfort…Yes makes it possible for you. An extensive search engine with information of about more than 20k colleges,universities,courses and only that CollegeDunia provides detailed information on every aspects of Universities,Colleges, Courses that you want to know.

They also provide information on best places and colleges to stay and study based on your inputs, they have a very refine system which minutely captures your inputs and provide you the most desirable results.Searching for such detailed information was never been easy,sitting at any part of India,you can find details of best of the best colleges in India.I am done with my studies so just to try this site I checked out for Universities in Pune,and truly I was amazed with all the details,filters and many other important features.Now you guys might be thinking Why Pune,After completing my 12th I wanted to study Engineering in Pune but at that time there was no site like,and getting information was not that easy so that didn’t happen,Pune may not be a world-class metro but certainly a best place to live and study,moreover Life in Pune is always happening..

Still not impressed,Check out this inforgraphic..                                                  

I mentioned only 5 reason here but this site provides much more than that..A dedicated site which provides not only educational institution information but also provides information on various Entrance Exams like CAT,MAT,GATE,provides study materials, moreover provides information on various College Fest,Festivals,Events etc.

Their approach is not only towards Students but also towards Institutions which focuses on providing them with quality information on highly motivated candidates and to Parents providing them information on various institutions in a very detailed and interactive way.And that’s not all,they pay you for writing reviews about your Colleges/Universities,Now I think that’s smart on their part as everyone is win-win situation.. 🙂

Still confused and don’t believe my words…Waste no time and Hop onto and just be sure to take your life’s one of the important decision with the best and be assured you will be offered with the best experience.

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Weekend-The Best In a Week

weekendIf someone ever ask me about the best time in a Week the answer will be a straightforward one I mean ‘The weekend.’

Everyone says that Change is the only thing Constant,this is true in most of the cases but when it comes to weekend time the saying doesn’t holds good,I mean when we were young we would eagerly wait for the weekend to arrive,attending schools from Monday to Friday and then when It was Saturday waiting for the school to get over as soon as possible as,Saturday being a Half-day in School and then comes the most awaited day in the week,The Sunday,I guess all of us had very good plans to spend the day,for me it was like getting up at around 8’o clock in the morning  and no studies for that day exceptional being exams,have my breakfast and off I go with my bat to the ground to play Cricket with all my friends,we spend around 3-4 hours playing Cricket and when it was a rainy day we stick to Football.During Evening time all my friend again gather together and we just roam here and there with all talks of planning the next weekend to do anything special 🙂 but that special would never happen.. :-P.

Time waits for none and slowly we grow up and attend colleges for our higher studies meeting new people but the one thing that doesn’t change is the best time of the week,’The Weekend’,I agree that the weekdays in colleges are also filled with lots of fun but we can’t deny the importance of Weekends,in my case it was like waiting for the weekend to go out with my friends,having good times and most importantly spending the times with the one you love,having romantic chat walking down the streets hand in hand,ah the weekend feeling was great 😎 .

Time flies by and in the blink of an eye we step into the next phase of our life,the phase I am right now,getting out of colleges and working like a donkey 😛 from Monday to Friday and waiting 1 month for the salary to fulfill our needs but amidst of all these the one thing that doesn’t lose importance is still the same ‘The Weekend’ but in this case weekend is basically used for sleeping and taking rest atleast in my case,though we keep on making planning on how we will spend the weekend but at last it all comes down to only one thing i.e. we get only 2 days to sleep and take rest and how can we let go these two days… 😛 .

That’s all for the best time in a Week,’The Weekend’,I have explained the importance of Weekends for three 3 phase of life as I have experienced these 3 phase of Life.Hope everyone likes my description.. 🙂 .