Thanks a Lot Fellow Bloggers..

For sometime now I have received awards from my fellow blogger which I would like to call as a token of appreciation from my fellow bloggers… 🙂

But as I am not used to all these awards so I have not put them up in my Blog but not to mention I am very obliged and thankful to all of them who have nominated me,and I can’t thank them enough.So I decide to write a post thanking them which I think is the best I can do.. 🙂

So here it is—

  1. My First Award from Sangeeta,the owner of–She nominated me for the “Liebster Award”.
  2. My Second Award was from Swati,the owner of–She nominated me for the “ABC – “AWESOME BLOG CONTENT ” Award”.
  3. This is not really an award but I was very happy receiving this from Yasmeen,a sweet friend,the owner of–She presented me this–
  4. The fourth award I got was from Anne,the owner of the blog,she has a very nice blog especially on Indian culture and travel,she nominated me for 5 awards and that was awesome.
  5. The Fifth award I got was from Ajay,the owner of the blog and he porvided me with a bunch of awesome Awards.
  6. My Sixth award was from Niranjan,the owner of the blog and he nominated me for the “ABC – “AWESOME BLOG CONTENT ” Award”.
  7. My seventh was from Yasmeen,the owner of the lovely blog,she nominated me for 5 awards and even it is awesome… 🙂
  8. My Eight Award was from a wonderful friend White Pearl,the owner of the lovely blog,she nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

So ,that’s all my awards list but more than flaunting these awards this post is meant for showing appreciation and thanks to all of them for found me skilled enough to nominate for these awards…

I never like to flaunt the awards so this was humble attempt to show the respect,love to my fellow bloggers who awarded me with these awards.. 🙂

But I really like to request that I don’t want awards,all I want is love,encouragement and appreciation from my fellow bloggers as only that give me strength to carry on and provide my blog the required energy to carry on–The Red Bull Energy.. ;).So I hope my gratitude is accepted by my fellow bloggers as it will make me feel that my attempt of thanking them is successful.. 🙂

Apart from these I also want to thank all the bloggers and readers who find my blog worthy enough to visit…So all in all this post is to thank you all for making Blogging a Wonderful experience for me… 🙂

Thank You,Thank You,Thank You.. 🙂

Happy Blogging..:-)