Spread The Light

Spread the Light

Spread the Light

Don’t be ignorant…Don’t make Intolerance a Weapon to be used against innocent citizens..Stand up and Spread the light of Education..

Reservation in India

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Reservation..To me the first thing that comes to my mind is all about Indian Railways Reservation because at some point in my life I was a dedicated and frequent traveller by Indian Rail…
But the hard truth is Reservation is such a common word in India,its kind of daily bread and butter for most of us.No matter wherever we are,reservation has to be there.Sometimes I feel sorry for my Country,even after 65years of Independence,India is still kind of handicap as for many issues and one of them is definitely Reservation.
Reservation in certain areas is definitely fine and necessary like Senior citizen reservation,Ladies Coaches in trains etc…But we Indians take few things pretty seriously and take them to a higher level and the results is we have reservations in almost every sphere.
I personally am against reservations on the basis of Caste,Creed,Community and Gender.Since our constitution provide equal rights to every citizen of India,there should be no such things.If we have to provide reservations,it should be done on the basis of economic status of person,such things are in place but not well implemented because we are so messed up with other parts of reservations…India is young so are most of the Indians,average age of India is between 30-35 years and I believe its the right time to step up above all these petty issues as because even after more than 65 years of independence we are still a developing country and the reason behind it which I believe is that we are not able to put our basics right..
So come on Indians rise above those petty issues and lets get our basic rights…


Nostalgic KuhiPath

A mesmerizing name at least to the people of Assam, but to the generation when people like me were kids. A book to begin our educational journey with our tender minds, thoughts and touch, a book that taught us the basic of what Assamese language is all about in a tender way, its culture, and its values. Ask any Assamese born before early 90’s and see the charm in their face recollecting those old memories of reading KuhiPath sitting before candle or earthen lamp. It was just the time I look back now and cherish and maybe many Assamese does too.

KuhiPath-‘Kuhi’ meaning ‘Tender’ and ‘Path’ meaning ‘Lesson’ and now exactly I know why it was called so, as it was solely aimed at tender minds so does the name ,teaching tender lessons at a tender age in a tender way…How nice was those days, just feel nostalgic thinking about those times. I still remember memorizing the Assamese alphabets from KuhiPath book within a day, thanks to my mom and her stick hitting me from left to right…But since that day KuhiPath was a friend to me and obviously with the help of my mother it was always a fun to read.

During those days walking through the lanes of the streets or villages in Assam, hearing voices of kids reading through KuhiPath was a common tune filling the air. There was no concept of school bags, kids were seen running bare foot to and from school with just 2-3 books and KuhiPath being the common out of the lot…Alas those airs are a mere history now, somewhere lost in the process of modernization and development.

Life is a continuous evolving process and KuhiPath is one of its example…Now, kids don’t have books with tender thoughts and subjects rather they are filled with more hi-fi things that sometimes I wonder the pressure the kids are taking in. But that’s not the point I want to make here-that is totally a different subject, what I’m trying to point out here is sometimes we need to stop, relax and look back in our past, our old memories, our childhood and try to feel the peace and to bring a smile on our face (Smiling is such a hard job these days, bet me).

What KuhiPath taught me was to have fun while reading and I guess all those who have had gone through this book in their childhood will feel the same too. This book surely holds a special place in my heart…I never realized that someday I would miss this book 😦 and now I don’t even have a copy of it and it is nowhere to be found, though my search is still on.. 🙂 and maybe someday I will get a hold of it again….Who Knows…Till then….It ‘KuhiPath’ remains a like ‘Kuhi’  thing in my heart… 🙂

KuhiPath First Edition

KuhiPath First Edition



The above art was done by me using Fresh Paint provided by Microsoft,trying to draw like the original Book cover of KuhiPath… 😉


Adieu Bangalore..

As I write this Post my Heart is filled with mixed emotions,I don’t know whether to be Happy as after 6 Years long Years finally I am heading to my Home State–Assam or to be sad as after 6 Years I am officially leaving a Place which I can proudly call my Second Home–Bangalore..

Seriously at this moment I am getting very Emotional,I am bidding farewell to a Place where I have spent my precious 6-7 years of my Life,A Place that is so close to my Heart..I still remember the day when I first landed on Bangalore– 14th September 2007 with many Hopes and Dreams,I know I have and are in the Process of making my Dreams come true but in that process I became a Part of this lovely City and Now today I stand to say Goodbye to this City..

But with me I taking a Lot of Memories,Memories that I will cherish for the Life to come. .:)
If ever in Life I am given the choice to Choose any place other than my Home State–It will definitely be Bangalore,once and for all

To keep it Simple and Short–I love everything about Bangalore and will continue to do so and will miss everything I did here,Though I am leaving Bangalore–Still a Part of me will stay behind here in Bangalore and I will be taking a bit of Bangalore with me.. 😀
To Bangalore– “You are Just Awesome” and Cheering for Bangalore “Namma Bengaluru” 😀 😀
And Sometime Down the Line “We Will meet Again” 😀 😀

Till then “ADIEU Bangalore

Before Ending the Post Check out the two images of the Area in Bangalore I live.. 😀 😀

And A Thought Before I end up Last Post from Bangalore.. 🙂

Thoughts Recollected

Thoughts Recollected

So I end my Post with a Smile for BANGALORE,for all the things you have given to me,I will always be obliged to you.. 🙂
Once Again “ADIEU BANGALORE”–I am going away from you but you are and will be there always in my Heart. .:D


Who Do You Want to Be-Rama or Ravana?

The Title of my Post must have left you in Questions..I guess.Worry not I will justify the Title.
As we all know about Rama and Ravana,The Great from the Hindu Mythology,While Rama was known for his Pureness,Truthfulness and His Love for his People whereas Ravana was great Scholar,A Courageous Warrior,A Fearless King..Here I am not Drawing any line between Rama and Ravana..But for a Better India don’t you think being like Ravana will be useful..I think so.. 🙂

Here is the Strip on my Views..and Don’t Forget to Share your Views as well.. 🙂
*Click on the Image for better view

Ram or Ravan

Rama or Ravana

India-Corruption-A Solution Part II

In my earlier post I wrote about possible solution to Population and Pollution control.If you haven’t checked it out here it is.

In this post I will try to give some solutions on controlling Corruption.However when we hear the term Corruption,we generally erupt with anger or become very sad and start bashing our leaders.But I believe the main root of Corruption is We-The Common People who provide opportunities to Corrupted Persons and never raise their voice against them.

For Me–Those who are suffering and accepting injustice are equally responsible with those who are doing injustice for making Corruption a never-ending Business..

Corruption is Huge and it is growing day by day in a huge country like India and pushing India to backfoot.I know we can’t eradicate corruption in a day,no-one can but what I believe is with continuous effort from each and every citizen we can minimize it on day-to-day basis.As we all know ‘Impossible is Nothimg’.With this I provide my solutions to curb Corruption.. 🙂

  • Education:-In today’s world there is nothing that Education cannot teach us and it should be taken as one of the main tool to educate people about their rights.Those who are uneducated do not know about the process,provisions and procedures through which they can get justice.Corrupt public servants try to make fool of them and often demands for bribe.It is due to unawareness in the field of law,public rights and procedures thereof that a common and an uneducated suffer out of the corrupt society.This suggests that if we are educated, we can understand our rights well.Even the educated pay bribes…But that’s a different story.An Educated should always use their Knowledge for the right use and not for paying bribe.An Educated person will know about the Do’s and Dont’s while dealing with procedures and they should use their knowledge in getting the job done in a clean way.
  • RTI Act:-A very important act enacted by the Parliament of India  “to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens“.You can read about more RTI here.It empowers any Citizen of India to aks questions to any Organizations that comes under RTI.If used properly it leads to transparency to all the procedures and provisions of Government.
  • The average age of India is around 25-26 years,So it is a Young India.These young Indians must stand up against the System for the upliftment of this Country,to fight Corruption.India should have youth coming forward and taking responsibilities on the behalf of this country.I believe in every sector there should be youth involvement.Read more about Youth Power here.
  • Salary of Government and PSU Officers must be of market-indexed with their responsibility.This would minimise the ‘need’ for bribes.Their salaries could be benchmarked against corporate sector salaries.But higher salaries should be combined with exemplary punishment,including dismissal from service and a police case if an employee is caught indulging in corrupt practices.
  • Use of Technology:-In this Technology era we are lagging behind taking full advantages of the Technology.First and Foremost there should be a law passed on installing CCTV camera on each and every Government office.Regular Inspections of the CCTV Footage.Today almost everyone use a Mobile Phone,so I urge that when we are going to any Government Office we should always keep our Phones in recording mode or if that facility is not available–call someone who can record all the stuff(be sure that you don’t get caught).
  • Social Media:-Social media is a boon in recent times.Instead of using it for useless work,try to utilise it for making any corruption related news popular.I am sure within no time it will reach to larger mass.Share your views on sites like I Paid a Bribe.
  • Corruption can be reduced by increasing direct contact between government and the governed. In this regard E-Governence can help a lot.It has been implemented carrying out many Government Works but still more needs to be done.

All this for now.I hope this articles help the people of India to gather courage and fight against Corruption.

“The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity—–Frank Serpico”