Martry’s Day-Even Extremist Celebrate It

The Other Day there was a Blast in Assam and in a week it was the 7th Blast,though it has become a regular business in Assam and No One seems to give a Damn..and Guess what The Extremist Group of Assam “ULFA” has taken the responsibility for the blast…and they are also responsible for all the other blast that happens every now and then in Assam….

The Blast is a warning to Citizen as Independence Day is approaching and if we go by reports the Blast came off just after the Martyr’s Day of ULFA…So that mean’s The Blast was a way to celebrate Martyr’s Day..I mean their Martyr’s Day I guess..

So,It made me think that even other Extremist Group of India also Celebrate Martyr’s Day..though I have no Data on that but Someday I am sure there will be National Holiday for Martyr’s Day of Extremist as we all know their demand is Increasing Day by Day so who knows they may demand a national Holiday on their name and for this I guess they will use all the Right and Privilege of being an Indian Citizen

So What do you Say…Martyr’s Day for Extremist,Does it make sense?

Martyr's Day

Martyr’s Day